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   Chapter 631 Stealing The Purple Vital Stone

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"That's not good. Steward Bessie is in danger," the other two stewards said.

They dashed towards their companion's aid.

However, it was already too late.

The ancient evil ape and the five corpse demons pounced continuously at steward Bessie.

"No, no!"

As Bessie gave a final shrill scream, her body was ripped into pieces, with her blood spattering on the ground as her flesh was shredded and scattered to the wind.

Quickly, Austin reached out his hand and retrieved the purple vital stone from her remains. Holding the divine weapon, he was overcome with thrill. 'It's mine now, ' he exclaimed joyfully in his mind, staring at it.

"Brat, how dare you kill steward Bessie? Now you have made an enemy of the Cyan Sect. You're as good as dead!" one of the other stewards shrieked in a blind rage at Austin.

The two stewards of the Cyan Sect had felt steward Bessie's death with their own spiritual sense. In a way, it was as if they had suffered death with her. Aggrieved, they continued haranguing Austin.

"Oh, shut up!" he snapped impatiently then.

With Austin's manipulation, the ancient evil ape and the five corpse demons surrounded the two instantly and savagely attacked the stewards.

The two were even weaker than the dead steward Bessie. A few moments later, they were already at a serious disadvantage.

"Brat, you're being too bold. We're stewards of the Cyan Sect. If you kill us, you'll be pursued by our whole sect. And then you'll be in grave trouble.

No one in the Elite Holy Kingdom, or even the whole Prime Martial World would dare to shelter you!"

"Kid, you'd better think twice before killing us. You young people always get yourselves into trouble with your reckless impulses."

The two Cyan Sect stewards were trying to avoid suffering steward Bessie's fate by posturing wildly. They knew that they did not stand much of a chance in a fight against Austin's minions.

The two stewards still tried to survive by hiding behind the reputation of their sect.

"Be quiet. You're being too naggy! There's no point in struggling," Austin said impatiently, not interested in their idle threats.

Standing aside, he was busy studying the purple vital stone which rested in his hand. He was in no mood to hear them talk nonsense and nodded an order to the ancient evil ape and the corpse demons.

After a few short moments, the two stewards had been torn to pieces by the ancient evil ape and the five corpse demons. The three stewards of the Cyan Sect were completely destroyed and not even an intact body part remained. Their flesh and bones w

with such a strong cultivator?'

"He has even taken my purple vital stone. He is really a fearless thief.

He is fantastic. But now, no matter where he goes, I'll find him and make him pay a heavy price for his deeds," Elder Susan snorted while looking sadly at the evidence of the brutally short battle which had occurred.

Elder Susan's face distorted in rage, and she clenched her hand into a furious fist.

Other members of the Cyan Sect had also joined the two of them at the scene of the carnage, including Tessa.

All of them stared at the blood and bones, and felt fear grow inside of them. They knew Austin was the murderer who had just left, and that he was not someone to trifle with.

Tessa looked at the debris and mentally complained, 'I warned him not to stir up trouble. Now he has made an enemy of our sect, and he is in grave danger for it.'

"Post the brat's portrait and inform the whole South Continent that he is the one we're after.

And whoever destroys him will get a handsome reward!" Elder Susan announced gravely.

With a wave of her hand, a light appeared in front of her and Austin's features were etched on it.

A disciple of the Cyan Sect recorded Austin's portrait with a jade slip.

Unaware of all this, Austin was tens of thousands of meters away from them. He was taking a break and rested in a valley with beautiful scenery while studying the purple vital stone in his hand. He could smell the fragrance of flowers and hear birds chirping all about him. It was a scene of peace and bliss.

Suddenly, he sneezed.

"Damn it. That old woman and the Holy Daughter must be speaking ill of me. I'll take my revenge though,"

Austin murmured, his anger deep and threatening.

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