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   Chapter 630 The Purple Vital Stone (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6214

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In general, cultivators who possessed divine weapons could easily defeat ordinary cultivators of the same level, and even fight cultivators of a higher level.

"Go to hell!"

With a low rebuke from the middle-aged woman, the purple mountain was enveloped in inky clouds which covered the whole sky, and then lashed out forcefully in Austin's direction.

He immediately felt himself being held down by a tremendous force which made his movements awkward as he struggled. It was as if the mountain was suddenly weighing him down!

"If you have an afterlife, remember to be a dutiful and honest man. You should not be so abrupt in future, young man."

The middle-aged woman's pitying words echoed through the sky, but her voice was cruel and grim.

Austin drew in a deep breath and began to run through the Golden Sun Scripture in his body. Instantly, his pale golden vital energy circulated from his energy meridian in a wild manner, creating a flood of extremely pure vital energy which gushed forth from the golden ball in his elixir field.

Thanks to the Golden Sun Scripture, which was a powerful vital energy refining formula, the pressure oppressing Austin dissipated.

He made a leap, disappearing from his current position, and reappearing in a new spot three hundred meters away.


Suddenly, the magnificent purple mountain fell like a meteor impacting earth on the very spot where Austin had just been.

The earth shook and rolled violently, as a massive earthquake caused sand and stones to fly up in defiance of gravity, and mud to splash violently from the nearby stream.

The rumbling continued unabated for several minutes before it finally died down, and the dust slowly settled.

There was a crater ten meters deep, with cracks, each about a meter wide, which stretched out in all directions from the crater.

The g

ie hurriedly mobilized her spiritual sense in her Soul Sea to deal with the spiritual sense demon that had appeared there all of a sudden.

As quick as lightning, Austin swung two Brutal Blast Fists, and the blows took Bessie in the stomach while he was still a distance away.

Then he patted his waist and six figures appeared out of nowhere.

With a great roar, the ancient evil ape swung its two grindstone sized fists to hammer at Bessie.

Meanwhile, the five corpse demons exuding corpse miasma turned into five rays of light, and besieged Bessie in the blink of an eye.

Bessie had not expected such a terrible turn of events. Her own cultivation base was only at the medium stage of Imperial Realm, but now she was struggling while under siege by the five demons who were all at the Imperial Realm already.

To make matters worse, she first had to deal with the spiritual sense demon within her Soul Sea.

At the moment, she was really tied up on several fronts.

Bessie was suddenly frightened into a cold sweat and completely lost her nerve.

She immediately urged her vital energy on, pouring it into the Purple Vital Stone in her hand. She was going to have to activate it to break free from this encirclement.

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