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   Chapter 629 The Purple Vital Stone (Part One)

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Austin left the Full Moon City.

Then, he demonstrated his bodily movement skill, advancing eight hundred meters in a few seconds. Austin's speed had even surpassed the perception of the naked eye; while cultivators with poor perception skills could not even see the blur of his figure at all.

At the same time, two women were talking about him at the Cyan Sect's stronghold in the Full Moon City.

Seeing that Bessie who was always with Susan had suddenly left the hall, Sissi blinked, seeming to think of something.

"Elder Su, did you dispatch Steward Qian to teach Austin some lessons?"

Since there was no way to hide this from Sissi, Susan simply nodded in acknowledgment.

"Yes, he was too rude. I have asked Steward Qian to go after him and punish him. All right, that's enough about Austin, Sissi. You must completely forget about him.

You and he live on different planets. It's near impossible for you two to cross paths again. Forget about him, for you will never meet again."

Susan thought that Sissi still couldn't let go of Austin.

"That's not what I meant, Elder Su.

Austin will prove difficult to deal with. When he escorted me back, we had encountered two enemies whose cultivation base was the Imperial Realm, and Austin was left alone to deal with them. Due to his strengths he easily vanquished the two opponents.

Steward Qian's cultivation base is also the Imperial Realm. Yet, you sent her alone to teach Austin a lesson. I'm afraid..."

Sissi stated with some concern.

"Oh, Sissi, if that's what you are worrying about, then you can rest assured.

As for what you just said, I've already heard this from those disciples who returned with you.

Of course I wouldn't let Steward Qian risk everything by facing him on her own.

I also arranged for two other stewards to accompany her.

Besides, Steward Qian has my Purple Vital Stone with her.

Don't worry.

s stood back to watch. They both seemed very assured of her chances of beating him. In fact they were not interested in expending their own vital energy to deal with a young man of the medium stage of Sky Realm.

Looking at the purple mountain that suddenly emerged in front of the middle-aged woman, Austin turned serious. This mountain had an incomparable and overbearing atmospheric presence. Although only ten meters high, it appeared as majestic and powerful as a real towering mountain.

"It's a divine weapon!"

Austin saw at a glance that the purple mountain was not in fact a condensation of vital energy, but an actual and real weapon, a divine weapon!

And he estimated that this weapon already held the potential of at least a middle-grade divine weapon.

The divine weapon, in fact, was a little beyond the scope of most weapons. There was a magic array built within the divine weapon. Using vital energy to initialize the magic array, the owner of the divine weapon could then connect with all of nature around them, and also absorb the surrounding spiritual energy to transform it according to their own powers.

Thus, a divine weapon was very valuable. The value of divine weapons compared to spiritual and sacred weapons was a whole different game.

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