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   Chapter 628 Anyone Who Betrayed Me Would Get Severe Punishment

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Full Moon City.

On the second day, a disciple from Cyan Sect took Austin to the parlor as he was invited by Susan and Holy Daughter.

Austin was primarily driven to the parlor by his curiosity towards the Vital Energy Cleansing Pool. He was keen to know whether or not he could get a chance to soak in the pool. Hence he followed the disciple to parlor willingly.

Having had a good rest over the night, Sissi felt a lot more energetic and vigorous. She looked elegant in a white dress. Her hair cascading down her back to reach her waist, her eyes bright and her petite figure—she looked enigmatic as she stood there quietly. She looked as if she had just walked out of the pages of a fairy tale. Her beautiful yet expressionless face exuded a sense of apathy and aloofness.

Her personality seemed to be conforming to the image of Holy Daughter in its totality.

Austin snorted at the sight of Sissi. Her pitiful and pathetic condition flashed in front of his eyes when she was abandoned in the wild begging for his help. But now, she behaved in such a cold and indifferent manner as if she was a queen.

"Your name is Austin, right?

Sissi told me that it is you that escort her home.

It is indeed praiseworthy that a young man is willing to give a hand to a stranger.

Out of gratitude, I will give you enough remuneration for your kindness.

Anyone, as long as he is one of the disciples from Cyan Sect, will never have to owe anyone who provided help. We are capable of giving any amount of reward as payment.

We have vital energy crystals, medicinal pills, elixir and all kinds of sacred weapons. You can choose anything you want."

Elder Su turned her sharp eyes upon Austin and said in one breath in an freezing tone. She did not pause even for a moment to let Austin react to her words.

Austin kept looking at the frozen expression on her face as she spoke. To Austin's surprise, the old women didn't show any kind of gratitude or enthusiasm towards him. On the contrary, she left an arrogant and overbearing impression on Austin's mind. The tone when she talked to people was more like a senior commanding a junior.

Looking at Susan's attitude, it did not take Austin a very long time to understand that she had no intention to fulfill that promise made by Sissi. Austin's last hope was shattered.

This was completely unexpected by Austin. He had never imagined that a well-known sect such as the Cyan Sect would go back on their words. Moreover, the Holy Daughter was treated as the emblems of holiness, chastity and being true to their commitment.

However, now after having experienced the Cyan Sect's hypocrisy in such a brutal

long distance. However, the treatment I get is sparing my life as a return. Cyan Sect is totally unworthy of its reputation.

It is my fault that I was tempted by Sissa's promise and escorted her home that day.'

"Sissi, you will regret what you did to me."

After saying this, Austin left without any further delay.

Hearing this sentence, Sissi felt awkward and guilty.

Elder Su didn't say anything. She just squinted at a middle-aged woman standing beside her. Then, the woman stepped out.

"Sissi, It is ok, put this thing aside. There is no chance that you will meet him."

Elder Su consoled Sissi.

Sissi nodded, looking kind of depressed.

"I will completely follow your arrangement when it comes to making decisions," said Sissi. . . .

Having no intention to stay in Full Moon City after leaving Cyan Sect, Austin stormed out of the place.

His eyes were seething in rage. He was aggrieved and cold.

No one felt good if he was treated like this, let along Austin who was of high self-esteem.

Since Susan's cultivation base was far higher than that of Austin, he wasn't sure that he would be able to fight against her. Hence, he chose to step back to avoid conflict.

Besides, there were many cultivators at the stage of the Imperial Realm in Cyan Sect. If he decided to fight, he would certainly suffer losses even with the help of evil ape and corpse demon.

So, Austin decided to eat a humble pie for the time being. But he swore to take revenge on Cyan Sect sooner or later.

'This is the first time I have suffered such humiliation. The Holy Daughter of Cyan Sect, one day, you will learn a befitting lesson for your mistake!

Anyone who humiliated me will get severe punishment!

Shame on Cyan Sect, such a hypocrite of a sect!'

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