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   Chapter 627 Don't Get Cheated By Him

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Everyone was glad they reached the Full Moon City without any more trouble.

They were glad to be back in the stronghold of the Cyan Sect.

A white-haired old woman greeted Sissi. Her old eyes had a flaring effect that made people feel constrained.

Her eyes crinkled in amusement as soon as she saw Sissi. Quickly she held Sissi's hands intimately and looked her up and down.

"Good! Good! It's best to see you come back," the old woman said with true delight. She seemed to be genuinely glad to see Sissi return.

She pulled Sissi into her arms in a motherly embrace. Her eyes were sparkling with doting light.

"Elder Susan, I'm glad to be back. I was afraid that I would never return or see you!" Sissi sighed.

The old woman turned out to be an Elder in the Cyan Sect. Snuggling in her arms, Sissi finally burst into tears due to the grievances she had suffered. Her delicate body was shaking as she sobbed like a child.

At last, the old woman managed to calm Sissi down with coaxing and amusement. Then she sent her disciples to show the other people, who had returned, to their chambers.

Arrangements were made for Austin in a wing-room. Everything seemed peaceful. Austin too had taken rest.

Night had befallen.

Austin sat cross-legged and intended to practice the Golden Sun Scripture, but he couldn't calm down. His eyes were filled with coldness and rage.

'Hmm. The people of the Cyan Sect have been treating me coldly ever since I came here, like they are high above me. Even Sissi never spoke of the Vital Energy Cleansing Pool.

I have a feeling that Sissi wants to go back on what she had promised.

It will not be good for anyone if she breaks her promise.

The Cyan Sect will have to pay a heavy price if she cheats and annoys me!

Sissi, I wish you won't push me to do that!'

A thought flickered through Austin's head. He really wished he wouldn't have to turn against Sissi and her people.

Austin was not a person open to coercion. Applying coercion and force on him would only result in brutality and killing.

"Younger brother Austin. Eh, brother Austin, have you gone to bed?"

Just when Austin was lost in his deep thoughts, he heard an enchanting female voice. The pleasant smell of orchids and musk floated into Austin's room and greeted his nost

e decision to let Austin escort me back home, I don't know what I would have suffered. Elder Susan, can't you make allowances to pay him back for my life?"

Sissi poured out her grievance with tears.

This calmed Elder Susan a little, and her face became a little relaxed.

"Well, it's not your fault, Sissi.

But it's a matter of prime importance to know whether this lad can enter the Vital Energy Cleansing Pool.

I am not in a position to decide in this matter. I am afraid the Sect Leader will hardly agree if we ask him."

"Elder Susan, I have promised Austin. Do you want me to be regarded as a faithless person? Do you want people to think that I go back on my words?"

Sissi was making her last effort.

"Sissi, don't behave like a child.

It's really a matter of great importance.

People are evil-minded, my dear. And it's difficult to tell what's going on in their minds. You are too simple and can be easily deceived.

How about explaining to me in detail why you got so close to him on your way back?"

Elder Susan inquired.

"Elder Susan, you must have been mistaken. I got close to him just because I was curious about his identity and background. But, he has been a real gentleman."

"Sissi, people's minds are unfathomable and sinister. You are too young to understand the greed of people coming from humble sects. They only want to play up to people of power and influence.

That lad comes from a remote tiny empire. Yet, he is daydreaming to approach and utilize you! Don't you realize that?"

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