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   Chapter 626 The Arrival At The Full Moon City

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Austin caught up with the Cyan Sect's troop. He thought it was best not to tell them that he had killed the two masters of the Imperial Realm. Everyone was curious about his achievements, but he decided to keep a low profile. He just asked them to set their minds at rest because the enemies weren't after them now.

Everyone got the hint. They were able to comprehend what he meant and looked at Austin in awe. It completely surprised them that he had successfully killed the two masters at the Imperial Realm.

Even Sissi kept staring at Austin with admiration. She clearly knew that though she didn't get a single injury, she would undoubtedly be killed if the two masters at the Imperial Realm were her opponents. It was a far off thought of being able to kill them by herself.

But Austin, who was at the medium stage of the Sky Realm, had done it. That meant he was quite talented and excellent in his abilities.

Sissi realized that she became more interested in Austin. She was curious about his experiences, his age and how he had become so powerful.

'Is he a young master of a notable but low-key family on the South Continent?'

Sissi gazed at Austin with mixed feelings. It was admiration and fondness, feelings which were beyond words.

After this event, no more killers appeared and they didn't encounter any difficulty in their path. They moved forward smoothly.

Finally, their convoy arrived at the edge of the mountain. Not far away was the boundary of the Elite Holy Kingdom.

The Cyan Sect's strongholds were all over the country. It could be said that Cyan Sect had great influence over the whole area. Once they entered the Elite Holy Kingdom, everything would get better for them.

Hoping for a peaceful time ahead, everyone set their minds at rest.

They proceeded in a relaxed atmosphere. A few beautiful maidservants even sang songs in high spirits. Their melodious voices were tender and lovely.

Whenever the convoy got time to rest, Sissi got off her splendid carriage and talked with Austin. During their conversations, Sissi made a few discreet inquiries about his antecedents.

Austin told her that he was from a small and remote empire. He didn't want to indulge and give away any further information.

Sissi's enthusiasm while talking with Austin led to gossips. Some people of the Cyan Sect thought that Sissi was behaving strangely when she was around him. There were even talks that their relationship was ambiguous.

Sissi was the Holy Daughter of the Cyan Sect. Besides, she was regarded as a national beauty. Many young men of the Elit

"Thank you for your concern."

Sissi knew that she was safe now. Thinking of all that she had suffered in the past month, tears started to fill her eyes.

All the people of the Cyan Sect who were in the convoy, including the disciples and the maidservants, prostrated themselves before the three stewards. The Cyan Sect was rigidly stratified and gave a lot of importance to courtesy and mannerisms.

Austin was not a disciple of the Cyan Sect, so he didn't prostrate himself before the three stewards. He stood a little far and watched the scene unfolding before him.

"Well, who is this man? He isn't a disciple of our sect, is he? Why has he come with you?"

The three stewards noticed Austin's presence and raised questions.

Looking at him, they made an opinion that Austin was just a young man. He looked thin and naive, so they regarded him as a person of no importance.

Therefore, the three stewards showed no respect to Austin.

"Stewards, he is Austin. He protected us all along the way. Without his help, I would not have been able to come back to the Elite Holy Kingdom safe and sound,"

Sissi informed the three men.


What happened?

Did he escort you back?"

The three stewards were quite surprised. They looked at Austin from head to toe, with their eyebrows raised questioningly. Clearly, they didn't believe what Sissi had said.

"Stewards, let's go into the house first. Later we can talk about it in detail."

Sissi was fatigued because of the long journey, and she wanted to have a good rest.

"Okay, let's go in first."

One of the stewards sized Austin up again and then waved his hands. The whole convoy moved into the stronghold. Finally they could rest peacefully.

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