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   Chapter 625 The Real Power Of Five Corpse Demons

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Austin and the people of the Cyan Sect had been attacked the past few days continuously. But since the best cultivators among the attackers were only at the premium stage of the Sky Realm, Austin battled them without any difficulty.

When the members of the Cyan Sect witnessed Austin kill the enemies at the Sky Realm, they marveled at his strength and meanwhile, they were ashamed of themselves.

Although Sissi had reached the preliminary stage of the Imperial Realm, she wasn't sure if she could handle those Sky Realm cultivators as easily as Austin.

She inferred that the lad's combat skills would be much higher than hers once he broke through the preliminary stage of the Imperial Realm.

She was fully aware that Austin was much more talented than her in martial arts.

Five days later, two middle-aged Imperial Realm masters showed up and blocked their path.

One was at the preliminary stage, and the other was at the medium stage. Both of them looked stern and dangerous.

"All of you are dead except for the Holy Daughter!" one intruder at the medium stage of the Sky Realm shouted coldly, lifting his head up. He was short and thin with a pair of piercing eyes.

'Among those people of the Cyan Sect, the Imperial Realm has the highest cultivation, and she is at the preliminary stage of the Imperial Realm. But now, she is badly injured, and the rest is very easy to take care of, ' he amusingly said to himself.

His companion blasted a laugh and said with a lewd expression, "Holy Daughter is sacred and pure. I can finally have a chance to go near and have some fun with her."

"How dare you!"

"Shut up, you despicable man!"

The group of Cyan Sect berated the man indignantly. After all, the Holy Daughter was a superior and sacred person in their sect. They couldn't allow anyone to defy or insult her.

The middle-aged man at the preliminary stage of the Sky Realm snickered and declared defiantly, "You're going to die, and yet you're still so perky. Go to hell!"

He activated his vital energy and formed a huge black palm in front of him. The palm shot towards the people of the Cyan Sect and destroyed everything on its way.

No one from the Cyan Sect could withstand the strike. All of them had chosen to run away from the palm, and some weak maids who were freaked out even broke down and cried.

Austin took a stride forward and stopped in front of the crowd of Cyan Sect. Narrowing his eyes, he displayed his Brutal Blast Fist and two fist forces filtrated into that black palm. At the same time, he formed two swords of vital energy, and they came at the center of the palm like two fire dragons.


Austin finally resisted the Imperial Realm master's attack with his Brutal Blast Fist and sword of vital energy. The violent shock wave of vital en

ial Realm could not kill Austin, his reputation would certainly be ruined.

He had decided to go all out to slain Austin. Instantly, all his vital energy gushed out from his body. He was apparently activating his best skill.

Meanwhile, Austin released his spiritual sense and found that the people of Cyan Sect were more than 1000 meters away.


I'll send you to see your Creator," Austin said casually as if he was not bothered by the difference in their cultivation level.

Since he had just gotten the five corpse demons, he hadn't found an opportunity to know their real strength. But now that he was facing two Imperial Realm masters, he intended to use those corpses against them.

He took off a bag from his waist and opened it. Overwhelming corpse miasma spread and filled the air, and soon, five figures flew towards the two Imperial Realm cultivators who stood arrogantly.

The two were sieged by the five corpse demons and were too astonished to move a single bit.

"What the hell are they?" "Whatever they are, they are dead."

Both of them were unfamiliar with the stinking figures that Austin controlled.

The five corpse demons each possessed horrifyingly strong power. Compared to human cultivators of their level, their combat effectiveness was far more powerful.

Instantly, the two Imperial Realm masters were being torn into pieces alive. It was such a scene to see––much like hungry predators devouring their prey.

Austin stood aside, watching the fight. The five corpse demons' performances satisfied him. When his two opponents had been ripped into pieces, he moved forward and picked up their Space Rings. He was interested in the things that the two Imperial Realm masters had collected.

After defeating his opponents and robbing them of their things, Austin then activated his bodily movement skill and took off.

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