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   Chapter 624 The Powerful Cyan Sect

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In the vast mountain range, a team of carriage from the Cyan Sect was winding forward. Both Austin and Tessa were on horses, following the carriage team.

"Austin, I envy you so much. The Spirits Purification Pool is a place that all the disciples of our sect dream to enter. I never expected that an outer disciple like you would have gotten such an opportunity,"

Tessa uttered, looking at Austin.

Tessa was very much disposed towards him, so although she was jealous that he was given such a chance, she was happy for him too.

"Ha-ha! I'm such a lucky dog! But if you want, I can pass this opportunity to you. I have no problem with that."

Austin offered, and a genuine smile flashed on his face.

"Forget it. You deserve it because you are a competent man. I'm not going to take that chance away from you.

Austin, since your combat skills are already superb, if you soak in the Spirits Purification Pool for some time, your power and strength will improve significantly. I can't imagine how more powerful you will be then."

Tessa gazed at Austin's face with admiration. She wondered how he had reached a high cultivation level at such a young age.

"Austin, you're so excellent. If I'm a little younger, I might have been charmed by you,"

Tessa joked.

"You're not old at all,"

Austin answered half-jokingly.

Tessa's cheeks turned pinkish red upon hearing his remarks.

"Tessa, is the Holy Daughter influential in the Cyan Sect?

I am hoping. Otherwise, I came here for nothing."

Austin asked as the question suddenly occurred to him.


Although the Holy Daughter is young, she is very much respected in our sect.

If the Sect Leader or the elders don't object, whatever she says, counts."

Tessa was quite taken aback by Austin's question, but she immediately answered after thinking for a short while.

"That means if the Sect Leader or the elders don't agree, I will not be given a chance to enter the Spirits Purification Pool?"

A complex expression flashed on Austin's face.

"Austin, don't overthink. You were able to make a great contribution to our sect when you safely escorted the Holy Daughter back. I think the Sect Leader and the elders won't prohibit you from entering the Spirits Purification Pool,"

Tessa explained, tr

ious and well-decorated carriage rode Sissi and an old woman.

Both were occupied talking about Austin and the Spirits Purification Pool.

"Miss Ling, are you serious about letting the young man enter the Spirits Purification Pool?" the old woman asked.

"Don't talk about it anymore.

The five stewards who are responsible for escorting me have left us to distract the enemies, and their whereabouts are unknown now.

Do you think we have any other choice except for depending on this young man?"

Sissi queried back.

"Yes. That's true.

But I wonder whether our Sect Leader and the elders will agree or not.

The disciples who will enter the Spirits Purification Pool were set a long time ago.

There are three disciples in total. One is the nephew of our Sect Leader, the other two are the personal disciples of the Chief Elder. I'm afraid..."

the old woman spoke with hesitation.

"Come on! Stop talking about that. Let's wait until we get back to the sect.

Sissi shut her eyes and did not want to say more.

"Got it, Miss Ling," the old woman said immediately.

She recognized that the topic had already come to rest.

... ...

The carriage team moved forward along the mountain paths.

"The mountain is too big, and the topography is too complex. At our current speed, it might take a month for us to cross it,"

Tessa informed Austin.

She was familiar with the complex structure of the mountain range.

"Ha-ha! It doesn't matter. I'm not in a hurry," Austin answered with a smile.

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