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   Chapter 623 Escorting The Holly Daughter Sissi (Part Three)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5557

Updated: 2019-08-06 00:04

"I knew you would agree! I'll stick to my promise. You have my word!" Sissi cried, her voice full of glee.

Now that she had achieved her goal, she became relaxed and satisfied.

"I know my safety is completely assured now that you're going to be my bodyguard. You're the strongest person I can count on." Sissi complimented Austin, unable to hide her excitement. She felt like she had crossed an abyss to get Austin to agree, but it was worth it; she truly felt safe and sound now.

Austin grinned sheepishly at her praise. "A promise is a promise. Since I've pledged my service to you, I won't take my eyes off you for even a second. I hope I can escort you back to the sect without facing any threats."

After all the arrangements had been made, the Cyan Sect disciples checked on their belongings one last time and prepared to set off. Sissi talked to Austin for some time, but she soon became tired because of her injuries. After politely excusing herself, she withdrew back to her carriage and lowered the blinds of the window. Austin guessed that she was treating her injuries using her vital energy in there.

Being the guard of the group, Austin found a higher spot in the valley within the eyesight of the group and inspected the territory. Since he had accepted Sissi's offer, he wanted to attend to his work immediately.

While looking down around the valley, he couldn't help thinking about the Vital Energy Cleansing Pool. If it was really as potent as the Cyan Sect members claimed, then he should take the risk and leap at the chance to explore that magical pool.

The Golden Sun Scripture he had been cultivating so far required a massi

ked her jokingly.

"Nonsense! I was just making up that lewd method to save you from getting your ass kicked.

Don't ever talk about that anymore!"

Tessa was blushing all the way down to her neck.

"Okay, we won't make fun of you anymore if it makes you that uncomfortable. But on a serious note, having such a powerful cultivator on our side will definitely make our journey easier. I can feel that Austin is a serious and dedicated guy. I believe he will apply himself to the task," the man in black commented.

Upon hearing his words, the other three disciples belonging to the premium stage of Sky Realm smiled in assent.

They knew that with Austin's help, getting back to their sect was no longer a tough task.

The following day, at the first light of dawn, the group set out for the Cyan Sect's base.

Austin was riding a horse at the end of the troop. His eyes peered at the surroundings with caution from time to time in case someone ambushed them. After a while, Tessa fell back and joined him. So, they walked abreast and got to know each other better on their way to the sect.

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