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   Chapter 622 Escorting The Holly Daughter Sissi (Part Two)

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If my calculation is right, the next day the pool can be used is the thirty-fifth day from today. That is about the time we'll arrive at the sect if everything goes smoothly.

At that time, our Cyan Sect will select three honored disciples of the Sky Realm cultivation base to have a comfortable and relaxing bath in the pool. Of course, cultivation base isn't the only thing that determines who is chosen. Good reputation and contribution to the sect are also critical factors that are considered."

Austin started to realize Sissi's true intentions.

"If what you're saying is true, the Vital Energy Cleansing Pool you have is something that any cultivator would kill for.

But I wonder, what does it have to do with my departure?"

Austin asked curtly without any hesitation.

Sissi burst into laughter at his straightforwardness; she liked dealing with such people. "Since you're a smart man, I won't skirt around the subject and bore you.

What I want is simple: to have you as my bodyguard throughout this whole trip.

If you ensure safe passage back to the sect for us, I'll be more than willing to pay back your favor. Of course, I can only think of giving you the best thing that my sect has to offer in return. I've just explained to you about the restrictions that the pool has. If you can be so kind as to escort me back, I assure you that you'll be one of the three people who will bathe in the pool this time.

What do you think? Do you think that we can have a deal?"

Sissi asked, smiling softly.

Austin didn't answer at once. It was clear that he was weighing the pros and cons of the situation in his mind. Escorting them to their sect might be dangerous, but it would grant him the opportunity of

bring up his question properly.

Of course, Tessa knew exactly what he was thinking.

"Austin, all the things Sissi just told you are true. And with the superior authority of her status, she indeed has the privilege to invite you to the Vital Energy Cleansing Pool.

And trust me, bathing in that pool will bring you many benefits and no harm. We've all been dreaming of bathing in that pool for many years but have never gotten the chance. You should feel honored!"

Tessa persuaded Austin earnestly. Although there was envy in her heart, she liked Austin and genuinely hoped that he would grab this rare opportunity.

Tessa's words were enough for Austin to make his decision. There was no point losing this precious chance of upgrading his cultivation level since in this world, it was his strength that defined whether he survived or not. "Okay then, I will escort you back to your sect in exchange for being allowed to bathe in the Vital Energy Cleansing Pool," he told Sissi.

Austin was not one to skirt around things once his heart was settled. The Vital Energy Cleansing Pool had truly grabbed his interest, so he had to try it out.

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