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   Chapter 621 Escorting The Holly Daughter Sissi (Part One)

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"Do you mean...?" Sissi drawled in wonder.

It seemed she had comprehended the meaning of Austin's words. Not only did she appreciate Austin's exceptional insight, but she also sensed him to be a man of consideration and dignity.

"Anyway, young hero, I think you've noticed my poor health. It's a pity that I've gotten myself wounded badly at such a crucial moment," she continued in dismay.

She thought about the dangers that lay ahead of them and let out a deep sigh. She regretted her negligence that had gotten her injured in the battle.

As Austin watched Sissi's delicate face turn gloomy, he felt a certain prick in his heart and tried to console her.

"I think you'll recover soon since your vital energy cultivation base is in the Imperial Realm. Being in such a high realm, you're strong enough to treat your injuries by yourself. Of course, you'll need to be patient since any injury will take some time to heal. Those bastards must have known about your health problem. Otherwise, they wouldn't have dared to challenge you." He looked at her with concerned eyes.

The moment Sissi had walked out of her extravagant carriage and spoken to him, Austin had known that she was a mighty woman, not a weak and fragile one. He could sense from the vital energy cultivation base that she possessed that she belonged to the preliminary stage of the Imperial Realm.

Hearing Austin's thoughtful words, Sissi's eyes widened in wonder. Although she knew that Austin was strong and skilled, she hadn't expected him to be smart enough to identify her cultivation base level. "I'm surprised that you can identify my cultivation base.

You're right, of course. If it weren't for my injury, those men wouldn't have dared to sneak up on us like that. My current state of weakness is what gave them that opportunity.

Now that we lack both power and weapons, I have no confidence in reaching our destination. But if you are with us, things will turn out for the best. Are you truly not willing to escort me back to my sect?"

As she spoke, her eyes looked imploringly into Austin's, which touched the softest part of Austin's heart. He could see that Sissi was in dire need of protection. Still, Austin remained cool-headed enough to make a clear and logical dec

he had him hooked to her bait.

"Oh, really?" Austin asked with a hint of excitement. It was clear that Sissi's words had aroused his interest.

"Are you saying a pool that can not only help people upgrade to the next realm, but also improve the quality of their vital energy?" he inquired with a suspicious look on his face.

He was intrigued by Sissi's description of the pool. He had never known that such a thing existed. If the pool was really as powerful as she had explained and could speed up the cultivation process as well as improve the quality of vital energy, any cultivator would be willing to risk everything to lay their hands on it.

Sensing his doubt, Sissi stared straight into his eyes and said, "It's true. The pool that we have in our mountain is indeed a valuable asset to us. I assure you that it's really worth all the trouble and risk to visit it."

She was pleased to find that Austin was interested in the pool and that her plan was proceeding as she had hoped.

To convince Austin more thoroughly, she continued, "But there's one thing you might want to know. Although the potency of the pool is formidable, its power isn't unlimited. There is a routine cycle for it to renew its power.

The renewal cycle spans three months. In other words, we can use the pool only once in three months. And even then, only three people can bathe in it. If more than three people bathe in the pool or the pool is used more than once in three months, it would render the pool ineffective.

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