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   Chapter 619 Strike And Kill

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"Who the hell are you?" Bewildered, the man wearing black asked.

It never occurred to him earlier that the beggar was also a martial arts master. More so, someone who had the same cultivation base as him.

Was this man a master from the Cyan Sect? Was he dressed as a beggar to secretly protect the Holy Daughter?

"Well, is that what you people from the Cyan Sect do? Wear costumes?" said the man in black after a minute.

He was aware that Austin was as strong as him. On top of that, he also knew that the Cyan Sect had already been beaten up to a hopeless case.

On the other hand, Austin immediately understood that the man mistook him as a member of Cyan Sect. However, he didn't care to explain and just smiled at the man.

He then said, "I'll give you the last chance to leave with your people right away.

Otherwise, all of you will die."

"How dare you!" Hearing what Austin said completely angered the man in black.

He was the one who usually threatened people like this and not the other way around. Thus, he decided to kill Austin right at that moment.

Without any ado, the vital energy force inside his body surged to his right middle finger. It instantly appeared as if wrapped in majestic red flames as a thin layer of blood spread through it, making him look deadly.

"Here's my Residual Blood Finger! Try fighting this!"

It seemed that the man in black specialized in finger fighting power and mastered some powerful finger moves.

He was lethal when he charged towards Austin.


A light beam that looks like a red flaming ball radiated above his middle finger. It was sizzling with energy and its bloody scent immediately covered the whole place.

However, it was also noticeable how his arms seemed to have dried up as if the light beam sucked all his blood.

Looking at the fiery red finger shooting at him, Austin nodded slightly, admitting that this man's Residual Blood Finger was at its best indeed.

Thus, he immediately unleashed the vital energy in his body and poured its force into his vital energy sword. A fierce flame gushed from it and his vital energy sword surprisingly turned into a fire dragon. One swift move and his dragon came raging against the flaming red finger.


The collision of two strong energies created an explosion. Strong vital energy force surged in all directions and shattered every stone within dozens of feet, turning them int

dly, being able to control other's life and death.

This was power!

As a matter of fact, the man in black was one of the strongest warriors at the premium stage of Sky Realm.

With this said, he was comfortable earlier that he could defeat anyone from Cyan Sect easily, even if they were at their premium stage of Sky Realm too.

He never expected himself being killed by Austin this easily.

It was even effortless.

Austin was nothing but a warrior from a small empire. He was beneath them as they were warriors of the Elite Holy Kingdom. Nonetheless, he was able to kill all these young warriors all by himself.

Killing this man in black gave Austin confidence in his skill.

He was more than satisfied with what he did.

With a blank expression, Austin turned to the group of warriors in black. He could see the terror on their faces. Their mouths were open and their faces were pale.

It seemed that none of them could believe how their leader was easily killed right before their eyes. More so, by a mere dirty beggar.

"Oh no!" "This can't be! Deputy Gan was killed."

"It was the little beggar who killed him." Everyone started to scream in horror.

They were about to begin chaos when Austin wordlessly lifted his fist to the air and then out of the blue, began punching towards their direction!

He constantly smashed out silent exploding fists.

And in an instant, all the warriors whose cultivation base were in Sky Realm were hit.

It was said that the Brutal Blast Fist at its Major Achievement Stage was used for sneak attacks. Nonetheless, its effects were still exceptional.

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