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   Chapter 617 See Through

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7525

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The brutal strong man screamed painfully as his muscular body was hit and driven back at a high speed. A hole as big as a fist was burned black on his right shoulder, showing off his bones. It was obvious that the attack he received paralyzed one of his arms.

The injury he received was too much that his wound wouldn't recover even if he used the best healing elixir.

He couldn't even hold the knife in his hand anymore. Thus, he grew frightened and desperate.

For Pete's sake, he didn't even stand a second!

Just with one swift move, he was defeated.

The bodily movement skill and finger skill of the witchery-like man in the long black gown were incredible. He had enough power to defeat a normal cultivator in just a blink of an eye.

"Hum! Fighting with you is humiliating!" The witchery-like man snickered arrogantly at the barbaric strong man. He then added, "You are as weak as a chicken."

Seeing what happened, all the mild-mannered young lady and the other three men stepped back.

Their strength was almost the same as that of the brutal strong man. If their opponent could defeat the brutal strong man with just one move, he could clearly do the same to them. They would obviously not last a minute at all.

The few cultivators at the premium stage of Mysterious Realm who were guarding the luxurious wagon was there to protect Sissi Ling. They had been looking after her since she was a little girl. Thus, the mild-mannered young lady cried in a sad angry tone, "Protect Miss Sissi until we die! We will all die together in her honor!"

However, those words caught the attention of the witchery-like man in the long black gown. So he stared at the mild-mannered lady without a blink and said, "Wait. You look very attractive. What if I rape you first in front of everybody here?" His red tongue licked his lips maliciously while he gave the lady's body a once-over.

"I'd rather die!" answered the mild-mannered lady through her gritted teeth.

She'd rather die than suffer such humiliation.

"We are willing to die with you! We cannot disgrace the name of our Cyan Sect!"

The other three men shouted too. They exchanged glances with their determination showing in their eyes. They seemed to have read each oth

ght together.

We have to kill all the men first.

The females can be left for a while. We'll kill them after we have fun!

Remember, not to leave anyone of them alive!

Otherwise, we will have troubles!"

The young man in black's laughter echoed through the whole place. He waved his hand towards the men behind him. His men instantly charged at the Cyan Sect ferociously upon his signal.

The battle began soon. Vital energy started flying in all directions. Screams occupied the place as each group attacked. The whole valley was suddenly occupied with deafening noises.

The chaos was so extreme that the weak and small demonic beasts inhibiting the place started running in fear. They were suddenly scattered on the cold ground of that dark night.

Even the stronger demonic beasts chose to hide as they sensed the powerful fight. As strong as they were, they never dared to show up.

"Take the Holy Daughter away from here. I will cover for you!" called the mild-mannered young lady of the Cyan Sect with her eyes turning red.

Just then, her body moved swiftly, attracting the attention of all men nearby.

The men around her were obviously enchanted by her beauty.

The young man in black had always been obsessed with the mild-mannered lady of the Cyan Sect. Seeing the woman like this, he couldn't even calm himself. He wanted the mild-mannered lady of the Cyan Sect in the most carnal way. He desired her and his need to have sex with her couldn't be denied anymore.

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