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   Chapter 616 The Holy Daughter Of The Cyan Sect

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But Austin had earlier discovered a large group of people closing in on the valley.

This was because his spiritual sense was much more powerful. It was impossible to successfully launch a sneak attack at Austin without his noticing it, even if the attacker was a master of the Imperial Realm.

"This doesn't seem to be a peaceful night..."

Sensing the rough strength of the threat posed by the group on their trail, Austin remained calm and shook his head slightly.

Just as he was considering whether or not to tell the other martial artists in the valley about the approaching threat, an evil male voice reverberated through the air. It emanated from the outside of the valley and it echoed down the slopes of granite stone like a forlorn ghost's cry.

"Hoo, hoo, hoo... Catching you is like catching a turtle in a jar—a sure catch! Argh, argh, argh... Tonight, no one can flee away from this valley!"

High winds accompanied the cutting evil sounds which defiled the valley!

Instantly the peace was utterly broken and the valley erupted into chaos...

"There is an attack! Alarm!"

"Move quickly! Guard the Lady!"

"Here come the bastards of the Black Wind Valley again!"


The martial artists in the valley quickly formed a defensive array, surrounding the luxury carriage in layers of protection to safeguard the Lady in it from being attacked.

"Miss, don't worry. We will fight to the death in your defense!"

a martial artist in white robes, who was at the premium stage of the Mysterious Realm, pledged aloud.

A number of martial artists, holding their weapons, rushed forth from their tents with their clothes in disarray and missing their matching tops.

The five masters of the Sky Realm also quickly rushed outside to stand in the line and face the entrance of the valley.

Soon, by the light of the campfire, a group of martial artists clothed in black robes appeared at the entrance, blocking the only way out of the canyon.


A young man in a black robe stepped forward from the deep shadows beyond the campfire.

He had a hooknose, and his eyes were as greedy as a vulture's. With a thread of vital energy circulating in his elixir field, a thunder-like momentum formed and an invisible pressure was exerted over an area of about 50 meters around him. In a second, it was as if the very space was being squeezed. Everyone facing him felt a

had finished speaking in his vicious voice, he fixed his lustful eyes on the gentle woman and swallowed his eager salivation.

"That woman looks hot. She is mine. As for the other women, they are yours. Do with them as you like.."

The gentle woman's face was cold, but panic and fear flashed in her eyes. Despite the threat of violence and abuse, she raised her chin defiantly.

"Humph! Bastards from the Black Wind Valley, how dare you offend our Cyan Sect. Fuck off!"

Suddenly, the brutally strong man who carried a saber on his back, drew his weapon and, swooping down like an eagle, he cut a glittering arc towards the leader of the Black Wind Valley group.

The flash of the saber cut through midair, moving down as quickly as a meteor shooting through the atmosphere of the suction void.

Seeing this, the man in black robes curled one corner of his mouth, sneering. Then he stepped forward and reached out his index finger with the speed of lightning.

"You're looking for death! Fast Light Finger!"

He pointed his index finger at the brutally strong man, and green light followed in his finger's wake. The great strength contained in his finger left an imprint within the void. It caused a vortex to form which struck the strong man with its maw.

There followed the meaty sound of flesh being pierced through.

Their fight had happened so fast that those who witnessed it just saw a flash and then heard a muffled sound before they could even comprehend what had happened.

Frosty air shaped like a sharp needle had instantly pierced through the burly man's right shoulder.

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