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   Chapter 615 Sleep In My Tent (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5898

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The cultivators who were at the premium stage of Sky Realm regarded Austin as a poor object and they could dispose off his life at any time they wanted. However, their roles were actually reversed, Austin had no difficulty taking them out.

Austin suddenly got curious. He became interested in the place where the group of people was heading to.

Besides, he didn't have anything urgent to attend to. According to the map, the Elite Holy Kingdom was not far from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. So he figured there was no harm in taking a trip to the Elite Holy Kingdom first.

With that thought in mind, he decided to sail in the same boat and agreed, "Fine..."

He threw the food that he was eating away and cleaned his hands on his clothes.

With a faint smile, the woman took out a handkerchief from her bosom and handed it to Austin.

"Use this. Don't get your clothes dirty," she said softly.

'This woman…' Austin exclaimed in his mind.

He laughed then took the handkerchief from her.

The men nearby laughed rudely and their laughter reached their ears.

"It looks like she will have a good time tonight... Hahaha!"

The young woman got back to her horse. Glaring at the men, she spat and said sternly, "Don't talk nonsense. If my lady hears what you have said, she will give you a tongue-lashing and curse you to death." A trace of seriousness and anxiety was visible on her face.

"We can't slack as long as we're still in this mountain. After all, those bad guys claimed that they would kidnap our lady to prevent her from returning to the Elite Holy Kingdom..." she went on.

"Let's get going,"

the man in a black robe proposed.

"Our lady has a miserable fate..."

"Shut up. Don't talk too much,"

broke in the sava

at Austin and her face turned red.

Shyly, she whispered to him, "Young man, you can go to my tent and get some sleep..."

Austin was startled by her invitation.

"No thanks, I'll just sleep outside," he refused hurriedly.

The woman continued to persuade him to sleep in her tent but failed.

She eventually gave up. Looking disappointed, she stood up and walked towards her tent.

Austin was relieved as he watched her get into a tent.

Only the sound of snores could be heard in the valley after midnight.

Austin did not fall asleep. He sat cross-legged peacefully, and the Golden Sun Scripture ran inside his body to nourish his energy meridians and acupuncture points.

But then, something distracted him.

Austin opened his eyes, and a trace of alertness flashed across his eyes.

"What's going on?

A horde of people are approaching this valley..." he muttered.

He also realized with his spiritual sense that intruders were surrounding them. Apparently, the people who Austin had followed were their target.

Austin glanced around only to find that the soldiers and cultivators on patrol hadn't realized that there was an upcoming danger.

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