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   Chapter 614 Sleep In My Tent (Part One)

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Austin had practiced the skills that Violet had taught him. He was now well-versed in illusion and Magical Aura-changing Skills. In general, he had now become an expert at concealing his vital energy.

It was safe to say that Austin was now a self-cultivator, and he was so good that no ordinary person could see through his real strength for he had hidden his vital energy force perfectly.

Therefore, in the eyes of the people, Austin was a messy person with a low cultivation base who knew nothing about martial arts. He was a little beggar.

"Little sister, what is a beggar doing in this wilderness? Something is wrong with this person. What do you say? Doesn't he seem suspicious?"

The middle-aged man holding a shield in his hand said to the woman while studying Austin with a cold gaze.

"Our task is to escort... We can't be distracted, and we're on an important mission, so we can't afford to make any mistakes. We can't let any suspicious people go. We would rather kill the wrong person than miss an enemy. How about we..."

He continued, hinting at his companions to kill Austin while making a beheading gesture with his palm.

"This mountain's range is tens of thousands of meters wide. Once we leave this place, we still have a long walk ahead of us before making it to the border of the Elite Holy Kingdom. It is a dangerous journey and we must be alert. We should be careful since we have no room for mistakes. So I agree with you..."

The savage man with a saber on his back looked askew at Austin.

"As far as I can observe, this brat's cultivation base is low, and he has no flesh, he is too thin. I don't think he is a spy..."

Upon hearing their conversation, Austin was lost in thought.

'Elite Holy Kingdo

No way! Is she really interested in me?

But we have just met.'

He stood still, with his eyes fixed on her.

The woman chuckled and remarked, "It turns out he is really shy..."

The gentle young woman laughed and jumped in the air; gliding like a spring swallow sweeping the water and falling, she landed and paused in front of him.

The scent of orchid wafted through Austin's nose.

The next moment...

The gentle young lady gathered her voice and activated some special skill, so only Austin could hear her.

"Young man, just come and join us. Those men are merciless. If you don't come with us, they will kill you in the blink of an eye..." she warned.

She then winked at him to convince him to believe that she was trying to save him.

All of a sudden, many thoughts flooded through Austin's mind.

'So she wasn't attracted to me. Did she say those words only to help me?

I met a good person?' he wondered.

Austin remained silent, curious to know what the men were going to do with him. He didn't even think of them as his opponents for they were too weak for him. If they really attacked him, he would kill them all in a minute.

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