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   Chapter 613 Merging Two Bodily Movement Skills

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Now that Austin had the opportunity and advantage to practice the Thunderbolt Movement Skill, he studied it more carefully.

The Thunderbolt Movement Skill was a skill that used the thunderbolt to activate the bodily movement skill. Using this skill, the cultivator could push the thunderbolts to spurt ahead with super quick speed.

The Wind-commanding Skill was of tremendous help. But as a grade five martial arts skill, it had its own limitations. When facing strong cultivators, it was useless.

In fact, after he cultivated the intent realm of wind, his Wind-commanding Skill had reached a new higher level. Its maximum speed was brought into play.

The Thunderbolt Movement Skill was a grade six martial arts skill. This bodily movement skill was surely more powerful than the Wind-commanding Skill.

Therefore, he had made up his mind to practice the Thunderbolt Movement Skill more than any other skill. He knew that developing on that skill would benefit him greatly if he were to face a stronger opponent.

The more he practiced this martial skill, the stronger he would become in it and this new bodily movement skill would replace the Wind-commanding Skill which he already possessed.

He had a big advantage while he practiced the Thunderbolt Movement Skill. There was no need for him to absorb the thunderbolts. With the Thunder Elixir inside his body, it was easy for him to get many thunderbolts.

So he skipped the first step and began the second step, which was also the most important one. He needed to learn to use the thunderbolts to activate his bodily movement skill.

On the mountain roads, in the thick woods, he practiced the Thunderbolt Movement Skill. He moved as quickly as a flash. As soon as a tiny lightning appeared, his position would change, and he would speed up.

He rapidly became intoxicated with the power of the Thunderbolt Movement Skill and kept practicing it all the time. Time flew. One month later, he managed to use the thunderbolts to activate his bodily movement skill.

What's more! There was a bigger surprise in store for him.

While he used the bodily movement skill, he accidentally used the intent realm of wind. The result was unexpected. His speed was far quicker than earlier. In other words, he could use the Thunderbolt Movement Skill and the Wind-commanding Skill at the same time. Their effect on acceleration was exceptional.

When he found that out, he was wild with joy. He decided to practice merging the two bodily movement skills. At the beginning, it was a bit difficult, as it was an unnatural process to do.

He spent one month focusing on the methods to merge the Thunderbolt Movement Skill and the Wind-commanding Skill into one.

After two months had passed, he was able to use the two bodily movement skills together with ease. His movements bec

hey were leading the group. As they moved further, they got closer. And that's when they saw Austin.

A lot of murderous will had already filled the air. They were surprised to see a young man sitting on the rock. Everyone knew that this place was desolate and uninhabited. Alertness stiffened their bodies and reflected from their eyes. They were always ready to fight against enemies.


The middle-aged man who had the large shield, raised his whip and made a circle in the air. Nothing was hit, but the wave it created was powerful and had great effect. If one was hit, he would get seriously injured.

His gaze was focused on the young man standing in their way.

Before that man said anything to Austin, the short tender lady touched his arm and said with a sweet smile, "Wyatt Chang, relax. It's just a young beggar. I guess he makes a living in these desolate mountains."

'Young beggar?' Austin repeated the words.

He was shocked to know that they thought him to be a beggar.

It took him a few moments to realize the reason of their misunderstanding.

He had walked through mountains and rivers. There were no lodgings or inns in the wild. To avoid starvation, he had to hunt food and eat in the wild. At nights, he slept on a tree, in a cave or even on the ground. It was not convenient for him to wash himself and change clothes under these circumstances. Being mistaken as a beggar was reasonable. He was indeed dirty and messy. He couldn't blame the woman for her opinion about him. His clothes that had been white, were now full of stains and dust. There were tattered and torn at various places.

Even his delicate face was covered with black soot and smoke from the fire used for cooking. His face was dirty and his hair was untidy. His appearance indeed made him look like a beggar who was out in the mountains, struggling to make a living for himself.

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