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   Chapter 612 Thunderbolt Movement Skill

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In the past few months, Austin had been practicing his martial skills.

He mainly focused on Brutal Blast Fist, Kirin Golden-body Scripture and Flame Swordsmanship.

The Brutal Blast Fist was progressing well, he had made a breakthrough. At present, he could attack a target 450 meters away with this skill.

He had started to cultivate the second step of Kirin Golden-body Scripture. When he practiced, a dragon's head appeared. He had made some progress, but it wasn't going as fast as he had imagined.

His slowest progress was in Flame Swordsmanship.

No matter how hard he tried, he still could not gather the third Spiritual Sword Aura.

He knew that unless he improved his swordsmanship cultivation, he stood no chance at forming the third Spiritual Sword Aura.

Besides the three martial skills, he also had other secret treasures. Any time he encountered any weather with thunderstorms, Austin would dash outside excitedly to absorb the power of thunder and lightning.

The more power of thunder and lightning he absorbed, the better the effects of the Thunder Elixir evolved inside him.

The thunder beast's soul had become more powerful. And he also discovered that he was better at controlling lightning.

The thunder radiance he displayed contained more power, and it also moved at a much faster speed.

Austin didn't just travel around the southern continent aimlessly. In fact, he had targeted a place in mind.

According to Angus, he was the founder of the Magic Hand Sect.

The sect was located in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, one of the three holy kingdoms.

Angus' only child Ariadne lived in Magic Hand Sect. He had entrusted Austin with a jade box and asked him to give it to his daughter.

There were several kinds of natural resources and ingredients in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom that Austin needed to help Angus rebuild his body.

Hence, Austin's main goal was to find the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom

Sun Palm, Wind and Sun Fist, Soft Palm, Cloud Hand and Skimpy Finger.

He even found a sixth-grade Lightness secret skill.

It was Thunderbolt Movement Skill.

The skill's name piqued his curiosity, and he started to go through the content of this technique.

It turned out that this was a skill which could use the power of thunder and lightning to activate one's bodily movement skill.

If the practitioner absorbed enough power of thunder and lightning, he or she could move as fast as thunderbolt by using this skill.

Besides, its manual also introduced the directions on how to absorb the thunder and lightning.

However, the methods discussed were very complicated and outdated.

Austin didn't need to adopt the methods mentioned in the manual. Since he had refined Thunder Elixir and Thunder Unicorn's soul, he could directly absorb the power of lightning and thunder by getting struck by thunderbolts.

It was evident that the methods of the absorption of lightning and thunder in the manual were useless to Austin.

He was surprised and delighted by this skill which detailed how to utilize the power of the thunderbolt to help one move quickly.

'I have absorbed a great deal of lightning and thunder. This skill is specifically made for me, ' he thought while very thrilled.

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