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   Chapter 611 Embarking Upon A New Journey

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Austin ordered the five corpse demons to surround Buck, the new Sect Leader, and the two vice Sect Leaders of the Ghost Sect.

These three leaders were both surprised and scared by the unexpected move.

"That's impossible! How could you possibly control them?

Tell us!"

Buck was shell shocked. He looked at the five corpse demons with disbelief written on his face.

The two vice Sect Leaders stared at the corpse demons blankly. Their spiritual sense cultivation base wasn't high enough yet, so they had not been confident in controlling the corpse demons using the Corpse Controlling Spell from the very beginning. Instead, they had just been trying to control the five corpse demons. They wondered, 'How could this young man have gained control over all five of these corpse demons in such a short period?'. This was totally unbelievable!

They had been interrupted in the middle of their attempt at controlling the corpse demons with the Corpse Controlling Spell. None of them had expected the young man who had popped up in front of them, much less that he was able to control the corpse demons so easily.

"He killed our former Sect Leader? ... How did he...

Is he...

Buck, could this young man be Austin?"

the tall and thin vice Sect Leader asked aghast.


The other two leaders instantly thought of the same person too. Terrified and concerned they both shifted their attention to Austin too.

These three leaders had been in the base camp of the Ghost Sect when the principle force of the Mysterious Sky Empire had attacked the Imperial Capital City, so they hadn't personally witnessed their former Sect Leader being killed by Austin.

However, the Ghost Sect disciples and the Mysterious Sky Empire soldiers who had narrowly escaped from the battlefield had told them about Austin. They had said that a young man of terrible powers had reversed the tide of the battle and was responsible for their losses. Because they were both impressed and afraid of Austin, they had mentioned his name many times.

So the three new leaders of the Ghost Sect had heard about the former Sect Leader's death at the hands of a young man called Austin.

Now Austin's words reminded them of who he was.


It's you! Oh my God!"

The three leaders were so shocked, it was as if they had just been struck by lightning. A deep fear arose within them.

The previous Sect Leader had been a cultivator of the Imperial Realm, and was infinitely superior to them in cultivation base. If this young man had possessed the abilities to kill him, then surely he would be able to destroy the three of them like crushing three an

so at least several hundred or maybe about a thousand smaller countries like the Violet Orchid Empire.

Although the Mysterious Sky Empire was a little stronger than the Violet Orchid Empire, they could be grouped in the same category.

After leaving the Mysterious Sky Empire, Austin purchased a map of the South Continent of the Prime Martial World. During the following months, he visited a dozen small countries along the routes indicated on the map. On his travels, Austin had a lot of fun and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the rivers and mountains while observing different local customs and unusual practices of these countries.

Meanwhile, he didn't neglect his studies and practiced cultivating with a staunch dedication.

He never stopped practicing the Golden Sun Scripture, and every day, at a set time, he would strengthen what he had already learned.

However, it was hard work. Even for a cultivator who had reached a high vital energy level it was a struggle to achieve a breakthrough in the cultivation of the Golden Sun Scripture.

Austin knew that over the past year, he had progressed at an incredible speed from the Energy Gathering Realm to the Sky Realm.

The coin had two sides though. The advantage this brought was that his competence had increased rapidly.

But because he had consumed so much energy in speeding up his cultivation, his vital energy might not prove strong enough, and this might in fact impact the cultivation level which he might reach in the future.

So Austin wasn't overly eager to make a breakthrough for now. He planned to first focus on improving his vital energy quality and strengthening his cultivation base.

He was willing to wait patiently until he was ready to make a breakthrough in the future.

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