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   Chapter 610 Tame The Five Corpse Demons

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"Are you ready to break the seal?  I'll be in charge of three, and you'll each get one.

The moment we break the seal, the corpse demons will be at the most fragile state. So we must attach our spiritual sense on them as fast as we can.

If we take too long, it will be more difficult for us to make our spiritual signs. Once the corpse demons gain their own consciousness, we can't control them. Do you understand me?"

Buck urged in a low voice as the three members of Ghost Sect stopped in front of five coffins.

The two underlings nodded in understanding.

"Well, let's begin,"

Buck said slowly.

As soon as he finished speaking, he took the lead moving very fast, making mysterious different gestures to form special hand prints. Meanwhile, he was busy extracting spiritual sense from his Soul Sea and integrating it to the hand prints; he transformed all these into strange white light circles and hit the caskets before him.

Each time a white light circle fell on the casket, it would cause the casket to shake slightly.

The other two replicated his actions.

Buck handled three caskets at a go, while the other two dealt with one casket each.

Austin observed them discreetly. His plan was to make his move and tame the five corpse demons once the three broke the seal on the five caskets.

The three kept working on the five caskets diligently.

The caskets trembled from time to time, and then ripples of dark red energy appeared on the covers of the caskets as if the five caskets were breaking free from some kind of shackles.

Fifteen minutes had passed.

The five caskets finally began trembling violently. The bottom parts of the caskets would vibrate and hit against the floor, making loud noises.

"Get up," muttered Buck.

When the five caskets made the loudest sound, Buck uttered a spell and focused the hand prints on the three coffins.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Each coffin made such a loud noise simultaneously that even Austin who was hiding at the bottom of the basement could hear.

ds instantly.

When Austin's spiritual signs entered their heads, Austin was shocked to know that the five corpse demons had a bit of consciousness. Weak as their consciousness was, they had developed some spiritual sense.

'No wonder Buck said the spiritual signs should be made soon after the seal was broken otherwise they would change into a different kind of creature. It seems like he was right. Now the corpse demons are intelligent, ' Austin thought to himself.

However, this was not a problem for Austin. He wiped off their consciousness in a minute.

Wasting no time, he attached his spiritual sense to the five corpse demons.

The moment he finished, he immediately felt that he had some connection with the five corpse demons, and he could manipulate the five corpse demons.

At this point, the three members of the Ghost Sect spotted Austin.

"Who is so bold and dares to break into our restricted area?" Buck asked sternly.

When they found out the intruder was a lad, they were astonished yet much relieved.

The three stared at Austin, their eyes filled with killing intent.

Austin laughed scornfully and replied, "So what? I even dared to kill your leader, not to mention barge into here."

He used his mind, and the next moment, the five corpse demons growled and surrounded the three.

Five vicious gazes fell on the three.

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