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   Chapter 609 The Midnight Hour

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"The five corpse demons haven't been marked with spiritual sense yet. We'll need to control them after we have removed the seal later or else we might have a difficult time if we do it after. Vice Sect Leaders, will each of you mark one corpse demon and be able to control it?"

Buck asked, a worried tone was evident in his voice.

It was only right that he should be worried, because it would require a cultivator with a high spiritual sense and proficient skills to be able to mark their spiritual sense on a corpse demon. It wasn't a job for the weak.

Failure in marking a corpse demon was guaranteed if the cultivator had a weak spiritual sense, or they were not skilled enough in controlling their power. Marking and controlling a corpse demon was a very nitty-gritty process and could not be meddled with.

Among the three of them, Buck was the strongest cultivator. He was close to the Imperial Realm, and his spiritual sense power was also the strongest.

However, the two newly appointed Vice Sect Leaders were relatively weak compared to him. They also lacked experience and control. It was like he was an adult surrounded by little kids.

One of them was at the medium stage of Sky Realm, and the other had only reached the premium stage of Sky Realm not long ago.

What was even worse, their cultivation in spiritual sense was also pretty weak.

"Mr. Buck, don't you worry. You can definitely count on me. I have been cultivating the Soul-transforming Skill day and night for the past few months.

My spiritual sense has already improved leaps and bounds. I'm sure I can skillfully control a corpse demon," the tall thin man answered confidently.

"Rest assured Mr. Buck, I won't let you down.

I can handle a corpse demon easily!" added the elder Vice Sect Leader with grey hair.

"Very well, I trust your word. I'll deal with the remaining three corpse demons. With the addition of these five corpse demons, our Ghost Sect's power will definitely increase tenfold!"

Buck exclaimed excitedly. He then waved his hand, and a powerful vital energy force gushed out forcing the two heavy stone doors leading to the basement to open with a loud bang. Just as the doors opened, a dark and cold corpse miasma poured out, which was so strong that it could easily suffocate people who were not strong enough to resist it.

But because of the strong spiritual energy of the three men, they easily deflected the strong miasma as if it was like ordinary air. They proceeded forward and entered the basement. After a few minutes, the entrance where the three men initially stood on became deadly silent and calm. The three were apparently already deep into the basement, and no sound came out.

Not long after the three people left, a young man suddenly appeared at the front entrance towards the basement. The man was none other than Austin.

Austin had recently mastered the elementary bodily movement skill of disguise, so he was able to effortlessly sneak into the headquarters of the Ghost Sect without anyone noticing his movements.

Before he arrived at the entrance, he released his spiritual sense to find out what wa

f an ordinary cultivator inhaled too much miasma, he might just die. Besides the poison, corpse miasma had a serious effect on one's brain. It could numb the senses, and damage the brain to the point of insanity.

Given the fact that the corpse miasma was so strong and overbearing, any cultivator who was weaker would lose their spiritual souls and would fall unconsciousness.

Ordinary cultivators wouldn't even dare to set foot in such a place. It was like they would be sentencing themselves to death if they even tried going inside.

However, Austin was not an ordinary cultivator. The Golden Sun Scripture that he cultivated could produce masculine light golden vital energy, which could conquer the corpse miasma. He also had another ace up his sleeve, the Scorching Evil Fire within his body. Just a small portion of it was enough to drive away the corpse miasma. It was like having an invisible shield around his body. Therefore, the corpse miasma couldn't even get close to him.

Not only that, Austin also had the Thunder Elixir and the original thunder power in his body as well. These two were considered to be the most positive and strongest power in the world. The corpse miasma wouldn't even stand a chance.

Having these combined power, Austin felt safe and secured and was not afraid of the poisonous corpse miasma at all. On the contrary, the corpse miasma didn't even dare to approach him. It was as if the corpse miasma was actually afraid of his presence.

He sat in his hiding place and patiently waited for a few hours.

And then suddenly, the three men of the Ghost Sect opened their eyes abruptly.

"The time has come. It is finally midnight,"

Buck said slowly as he intently gazed at the five corpse coffins. The other two also looked at the coffins, breathing heavily as they did. Excitement was written all over their faces.

At the same time, Austin rose to his feet and stared at the three people from the Ghost Sect in front of him. He watched their every move without even batting an eyelid and released his spiritual sense. 'It's finally show time.'

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