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   Chapter 608 The Grade Four Primordial Elixir

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Austin had mastered several skills and weapons now. He could proficiently apply the Brutal Blast Fist, having refined the skill to the level of Major Achievement Stage. This enabled him to launch the powerful fist energy from over a long distance at his enemies and strike at them with a deadly precision. But his current effective range was only a radius of two hundred meters. However, once he could practice the Brutal Blast Fist to the highest degree within the Major Achievement Stage, he would be able to shatter anything within a radius of eight hundred meters into pieces with the prodigious force of the fist.

Austin had already noticed that the Brutal Blast Fist was especially useful in a surprise attack. He could effectively strike at his enemies in secret if he was able to launch an explosive assault while still a distance away from his target.

So he was determined to refine the Brutal Blast Fist to an even higher level, no matter how long it took him.

As for the Flame Swordsmanship, he had attained the second level, which meant he was able to condense two swords of vital energy from his own immense vital energy.

Cultivators practicing the Flame Swordsmanship could achieve three levels in total, with the third level being the highest and most desired one. At this level the practitioner was able to condense their vital energy and shape three swords. As each of these swords needed to be activated by a Spiritual Sword Aura, cultivators at the third Flame Swordsmanship level must create the third Spiritual Sword Aura for a third blade from vital energy within their Soul Sea.

According to the description in the Flame Swordsmanship Outline, once the third level was achieved and the third sword of vital energy was refined, all three these mighty blades could be arranged in a special order to form the Flame Sword Array.

Sword arraying was different from genuine swordsmanship, as it was a way to connect with sources of energy from within nature. Therefore, with the help of the sword array, its user was able to tap into all energies between heaven and earth to generate mighty powers. So there was no denying that the sword array was potentially much more powerful than swordsmanship.

Austin also dabbled in the knowledge of the Kirin Golden-body Scripture, and intended to practice it to fullest extent.

Among all the martial skills which he was practicing, Austin thought that the Kirin Golden-body Scripture was the most powerful one yet.

But it had also proved the most difficult one to practice and perfect.

Revising all the martial skills he possessed now, Austin decided to refine the easier ones first. Once all the comparatively easy martial skills had been refined to perfection, he would then be able to move on to improving the more difficult ones.

During all the following days, Austin completely engaged himself in exhaustive practice of the Brutal Blast Fist and the Flame Swordsmanship. He barely slept or ate, as he gave himself over fully to his craft.

After several days, he had gained obviously dramatic progress in the practice of the Brutal Blast Fist, as he was able to launch powerfully explosive energies with his fists over a range of four hundred meters now.

But refining the Flaming Swordsmanship proved more difficult, despite the fact that he had cultivated the third sword of vital energy in a relatively short period.

Since Austin possessed tremendously powerful vital energy in his body, he experienced no great diffic

pure and strong. Austin nodded with a deep sense of satisfaction. He was certain that just one pill of the Primordial Elixir was quite enough to completely recover the vital energy force of a warrior at the Mysterious Realm level.

It would also be helpful in renewing the vital energy of a warrior at the Sky Realm level to some extent.

Austin rallied all of the vital energies generated by the Primordial Elixir and guided them into his vital energy stone.

It was Austin's sound habit to store some of his vital energies in his vital energy stone. He saved them for any sudden future needs.

Since Austin was at a high level of his vital energy cultivation base, his vital energy was so abundant and amply fruitful that it was rare for him to exhaust all of it. But nothing was impossible! There might be a chance that an unforeseen circumstance would lead to his energy being exhausted. To guard against such a risk, Austin had stored copious amounts of vital energies in his vital energy stone.

Time had moved along fleetingly and in just the blink of an eye, one whole month had passed.

Austin stared off into the distance, and his eyes lingered in the direction of the Ghost Sect Headquarters. He was calm in expression, but there was a fervent fire burning in his eyes. He had made up his mind and resolved to obtain the five corpse demons, no matter what the cost.

After ordering Violet and the gnome to return to the Illusion Bead, Austin swiftly leaped into the air and immediately disappeared.

When his shadow brushed over the clouds again, he was already six or seven hundred meters away.

As its name indicated, the Ghost Mountain was a fear inspiring place and would easily arouse terror in anybody's heart. Somewhere beneath the mountain slopes, a hidden cellar lay quietly under the cover of thick trees and creeping plants.

Its sinister entrance was only half visible when the breeze stirred the green camouflaging foliage around it from time to time.

Three persons were standing in front of the ominous entrance. One of them was Buck, the newly-appointed head of the Ghost Sect, and the other two were the newly-appointed assistant heads of the Ghost Sect.

They all felt elated and their faces were full of dark excitement, as the moment they had been anticipating would very soon be at hand.

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