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   Chapter 607 Waiting

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The headquarters of Ghost Sect was located on the hillside of Ghost Mountain. Palaces were being built on the rolling hills. The palace that sat in the middle was the most magnificent one. That was the Congress Hall of Ghost Sect.

There was a line of towering trees about six hundred meters from Congress Hall.

And now, Austin sat patiently on one of the trees.

He was sending out his spiritual sense at the moment. Over a short distance like this, he could easily hear the conversations between the vice head Yang and the other two people.

With his perfect bodily movement skill and extremely strong spiritual sense, he could easily sneak into Ghost Sect's headquarters where all people were at a level lower than the Imperial Realm.

"It seems that those three people are separating powers of the sect right after the head of their sect died.

They surely moved quickly."

After hearing the discussions among the three men, Austin murmured with a smile.

"According to that vice leader Yang, it'll take a month for the corpse demons to be refined.

If that is the case, then I'll stay in the dark and wait for a month.

When the refining job is about to be completed, I'll take the five corpse demons.

This isn't the right time. I don't want to act rashly and alert them. After all, accidents happen all the time."

Having decided, Austin left Ghost Mountain secretly.

Since Ghost Mountain was located in the middle of the mountain ranges, Austin was able to find a secluded mountain nearby in which to hide.

He happened to find a cave, which was comfortable to live in. The cave was dry and ventilated, which made it warm in winter and cool in summer. This place was perfect for cultivating due to the quiet environment. Thus, Austin decided to live in this cave for a while.

At the same time, he also called Violet and the gnome.

The moment he saw it coming out, Austin knew the gnome wouldn't behave. So, he grabbed its ears and repeatedly warned the gnome that it could not let the people of Ghost Sect find them.

Under the pressure from Austin, the gnome promised that it would behave well. Only until then did Austin let it out.

As for the ancient evil ape, Austin found that it preferred to cult

ing this level of the Wind-commanding Skill meant that his speed would increase to the extent that he would no longer leave a shadow.

Once he had reached this speed, he could achieve the invisible effect. This was because he could move faster than the frequency of a person blinking his eyes. Austin could also reach this level with the help of his strong strength and the intent realm.

After six or seven days' cultivation and studying, Austin was surprised to learn that his bodily movement skill had slowly reached the grade of Hiding in the Wind.

As he moved, Austin lost his trace completely. One could not see his movements with the naked eye anymore.

And he could only be seen when he stopped.

That meant Austin had learned basic knowledge of the fifth-grade of the Wind-commanding Skill, Hiding in the Wind.

Austin believed that he would achieve a perfect realm after practicing some more.

The Wind-commanding Skill was a fifth-grade martial arts skill. Since Austin had already learned two or three kinds of seventh-grade martial arts skills, he had no difficulty in understanding and practicing the Wind-commanding Skill. Thus, after cultivating for about fourteen days, Austin had already made tremendous progress in the cultivation of the fourth and fifth level of the Wind-commanding Skill.

After he was confident of using the Wind-commanding Skill, Austin contemplated his situation and decided to cultivate the Brutal Blast Fist and the Flame Swordsmanship.

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