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   Chapter 606 Ghost Sect's Headquarters

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It was only now that Austin learned how the weapons were classified in the Prime Martial World.

Civilians used weapons of the first degree for self-protection.

And the top-grade ones ranked from lowest to highest, included spiritual weapons, sacred weapons, and divine weapons.

Spiritual weapons and sacred weapons were refined from particular minerals. They were much sharper and more tenacious than the common ones. Of course, sacred weapons were better than spiritual weapons.

But divine weapons were very rare and precious.

Only skilled weapon refiners could refine them.

The process of refinement was very strict. When a divine weapon was being refined, the customized weapon structure pattern had to be carved in it.

With the help of the structure pattern, the master of this weapon could gather the force of vital energy, and become super powerful in battle.

To some extent, spiritual weapons and sacred weapons were still considered as ordinary.

But divine weapons were on a different level altogether.

A warrior could become very powerful if he acquired a divine weapon, even if he was a mediocre warrior.

So, in the Prime Martial World, getting divine weapons was the ultimate goal.

For high-grade warriors, spiritual weapons and sacred weapons were things of little value and interests.

In the past few days, Austin had spent a large amount of money buying several elixirs of the third and fourth-grade.

He could easily refine the elixirs of the third-grade like a real third-grade refiner.

But it wasn't enough for Austin to be a third-grade refiner. As he desired improving his refining ability, those elixirs were his best option.

Austin decided to start after everything was arranged properly.

First, he arrived at Ghost Sect's headquarters in the Mysterious Sky Empire.

Ghost mountain was located to the south of the Mysterious Sky Empire. Everyone in Mysterious Sky Empire knew that the mountain was called Purple Light before. That was because the mountain was once the residence of a sect called Purple Light. The Purple Light Sect wasn't a big and powerful one, but its disciples were honest and righteous

r to achieve this goal. Till then, we will have to be vigilant.

And don't forget about the five corpse demons being refined in the corpse cave.

They can be refined in a few months.

Each corpse demon has the same power of a superior warrior at the preliminary state of the Imperial Realm.

Their different body structure and their fatal poison can withstand a warrior of the middle stage of the Imperial Realm.

Till then, we have five warriors in the Imperial Realm. We will be much stronger."

Mr. Yang said.

Hearing that, the old man nodded and said, "Yes, that's right. Our sect will be as powerful as before only after the five corpse demons have been refined." The tall man agreed, too.

"I'm very sorry that the archbishop has passed away, but we can't be discouraged.

We have to continue the great job he started. We need a new leader. That should be Mr. Yang."

The old man added.

"That's right. Mr. Yang, you have to shoulder the responsibility. This will benefit not only you but all of Ghost Sect as well."

The tall man looked him in the eyes and said.

Mr. Yang stood and glanced at the other two men. He laughed out loud and said, "Thank you for trusting me. I'm going to be a competent leader. And congrats to you two, the guardians, as I am promoting you to masters of Ghost Sect.

Let's work together to develop our sect!"

Encouraged by the new leader, the old man and the tall man laughed, too.

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