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   Chapter 605 Arrangements Before Departure

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After a more in-depth understanding of the Corpse Controlling Spell, Austin desired those corpse demons even more. He was ready to set out for the Mysterious Sky Empire as soon as possible. He was also aware that it was time for him to leave the Violet Orchid Empire and complete what he had promised Angus in the Mysterious Nether World.

Austin had also promised the Flame Emperor that he would reach the Basic Sacred Realm soon, and return to the Divine Continent with him.

According to the Flame Emperor, the Prime Martial World was only a lower world. The spiritual energy of heaven and earth was thin and the opportunities were too few for it to be a suitable place for cultivation. It would only limit the cultivation reach of a cultivator. If Austin wanted to go further high on the way of martial arts and enter the legendary Immortal Realm, he had to go to the Divine Continent.

Austin, who had a clear view of his ambition, had been pursuing the highest achievement of the martial arts his whole life. Since this Prime Martial World would hinder his cultivation, Austin wanted to go to the Divine Continent and carry out higher level cultivation.

Austin was a soul traverser. The Prime Martial World was not the place where Austin was born and raised. Therefore, Austin had no attachment to this Prime Martial World. Since the Divine Continent was better, Austin was willing to leave the Prime Martial World any minute.

According to the Flame Emperor, it was possible to go to the Divine Continent only if one had reached the cultivation base of the Basic Sacred Realm.

Austin knew that if he stayed in the same place all the time, it would not help him to develop his cultivation base.

Especially for the Golden Sun Scripture, the higher the level of cultivation, the more difficult it would be to break through.

Thus, Austin decided to take care of things as soon as possible and leave the Violet Orchid Empire.

The first stop for him was the Mysterious Sky Empire.

The next day, the emperor, accompanied by civil and military officials, visited Austin Palace. Austin was now the most popular man in the whole imperial capital city. Everyone knew that he had single-handedly won the battle.

Even the emperor had to treat him as equal.

Austin's strength was enough to frighten everyone. Adding to it, was his level ten diabolic beast. Even Warren, the strongest member of the royal family, was not sure if he could deal with it.

His ability had impressed all

y and it was a relief when it worked.

Within Austin's Soul Sea, the Soul-warming Bead was nourishing his spiritual sense all the time. Attaching a fraction of his spiritual sense to Mike was not a problem at all.

After two days of practice, Mike was skilled enough to command more than 30 diabolic beasts. In this way, Austin Palace had added another layer of force for its security.

Austin took out all the ordinary vital energy crystals that he had obtained before, and sorted them out. He found out that the number he possessed exceeded 100 million.

Austin divided these ordinary vital energy crystals and made a few shares. Then he handed them over to both his fiancées and Mike as their subsequent cultivation resources and operation expenses of palace.

Austin also took out some superior vital energy crystals and divided them among his fiancées, and his friends—Mike, Evan and Herbert.

More than two thousand underlings of his were also rewarded with a large number of vital energy crystals.

The vital energy crystals were no longer useful for Austin.

Only the superior vital energy crystals containing spiritual energy of heaven and earth could be directly used for cultivation by him. So, Austin had kept a large number of them for himself.

Austin also left a large number of pellets and superior weapons for use at the palace.

Austin had not much use of those superior weapons so he left all of them in the palace.

Austin's own vital energy sword was more powerful than any superior weapons. He wanted to make his palace a safe place for the people who would live there. He had to ensure that it was secure, until he returned.

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