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   Chapter 604 Corpse Controlling Spell (Part Two)

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The three Space Rings were from three high cultivators in the Imperial Realm: the Ghost Sect Leader, vice leader of the Ghost Sect, and the emperor Kirkland.

Austin picked up the vice leader's Space Ring first, and then he mobilized his spiritual sense to feel its insides.

The space was about 200 meters long and wide. It was the biggest space in Austin's Space Ring, for Austin had never seen a bigger one than this. The Imperial Realm surely had some precious things.

Inside the ring, innumerable vital energy crystals piled up as high as a mountain. The gigantic heap in front of him contained unimaginable and innumerable crystals whose potential was nothing short of a miracle.

Just on the top of his head, Austin thought that perhaps the number of superior vital energy crystals might be way over a million.

Moreover, there were a few bottles of grade four elixir and a sacred weapon that he could spot.

Without wasting any time, Austin now switched to probing Kirkland's Space Ring with his spiritual sense.

Being the space ring of an emperor, it was sure to be a cave of precious treasures. Austin scanned the humongous heap in front of him and surmised that the superior vital energy crystals alone reached five million.

There were also dozens of bottles of elixirs for different uses, like curing, supplementing vital energy, and boosting his cultivation base. Most of them were grade four martial skills, two bottles in the jumble could be spotted to be grade five martial skills.

Moreover, there were a collection of sacred weapons for Austin to choose from.

At last, what caught Austin's eye were two jade slips tucked in a corner. With much care, he extended his hand to pick them up.

Holding them against the light and seeing through them as if they were made of water not stone, Austin knew that they were


Knowing the challenge in front of him, Austin was intrigued by the corpse demons left in the Ghost Sect. He couldn't resist the urge to set out immediately and take down the remaining corpse demons.

Now with his mind somewhere else, Austin glanced over the rest of the jade slips and saw that they bore some information on the important martial skills of the Ghost Sect.

Truth be told, Austin didn't find most martial skills of the Ghost Sect attractive. Thinking of them as vicious and sinister, he pretty much had zero interest in them. Some of them even required the use of another cultivator's body and soul to achieve cultivation. Austin actually had disdain for such things and rejected them. So he put them in his pocket without reading too many details.

What interested him were the Spiritual Chain and Corpse Controlling Spell.

The night was still long, so Austin made use of the remaining time to read the Corpse Controlling Spell. He read it through and then tried comprehending it. Finally, he was able to achieve mastery over them.

Further, Austin was convinced that his spiritual sense power was now strong enough to subdue the corpse demons backed by the spell in his mind. He itched to move ahead.

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