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   Chapter 603 Corpse Controlling Spell (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6432

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Not too long ago, the imperial capital city was laid under a siege by the army of the Mysterious Sky Empire.

As they hemmed in the city from all frontiers, they struck fear into the hearts of everyone inside.

And since then, all lived in terror. Until, the invaders were heroically defeated, a news that spread like fire, bringing joy all around.

Victory brought a great excitement to the masses. People poured into the streets beating drums, singing songs, dancing colourful dances, tipsy with euphoria. There wasn't a corner of the street where the lively celebrations weren't' there.

Soon, firecrackers echoed in different places. All this would eventually become a cherished memory that would people take pride and joy in telling their grandchildren one day. For sighting high officials and noble lords on the streets, as they joined in celebrating together, would become the stuff of myths.

After wading through oceans of happy crowds, Austin and Theon arrived at the royal residence.

After the din of the streets, stepping inside a solemn silence embraced them.

They had entered the sanctum. Even among the royal residences, this was special. It served prominent cultivators in the country, who were reacting in a far more calm and composed way to the welcome news.

"My lord, finally you are back!" when Austin entered the house, a maidservant sighting the distinguished warrior, exclaimed in surprise.

On this moment in history, even the servants were all bunched together, whopping with joy and then even shedding tears of happiness.

Seeing Austin had sent a wave of relief across the hall. All the servants were intensely and somewhat purely attached to him. Until they heard that they had won, most had been worried sick about his fate on the battlefield.

As a huddle then, unable to stop themselves, they came to welcome Austin, and in the front of them were five captains.

On enteri

's headquarters in the Mysterious Sky Empire, a safe haven for him and his clan.

"I better visit the Mysterious Sky Empire soon then," muttered Austin to himself.

Now that he knew where exactly they were, he was eager to get on with the plan.

It was part anxiety too because Kirkland, the emperor of the Mysterious Sky Empire had told him that there were a few corpse demons left in the Ghost Sect, which hadn't been refined yet.

From what he learnt from Kirkland, he gathered that the corpse demons were incredibly powerful creatures.

Even though Austin had gained as many as 100 corpse generals, their power, was still not formidable. It was the same as of a human's at the premium stage of the Earth Realm.

So acquiring the corpse generals didn't feel that precious anymore. They couldn't help him improve any further and were thus, as ordinary as it got.

But being able to acquire them had given him an unprecedented confidence. The fact that he could subdue the corpse generals, gave him the feeling that he should be able to triumph over the corpse demons with his present spiritual sense power as well.

That night.

The Austin Palace.

In a cultivation chamber.

Austin sat with his legs crossed, staring at the three Space Rings on the ground.

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