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   Chapter 602 Sworn Brothers

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After the leader of Ghost Sect took a few hits, his body was filled with visible marks.


His body broke into a million pieces of flesh and bones that spiraled in every direction.

Austin darted to catch the glowing Space Ring.

'What's happening?'

Austin narrowed his eyes and focused.

A shadow emerged from the debris of the dead leader, and turned into the shape of a human. As Austin looked closely at it, it was a miniature version of the leader of the Ghost Sect.

"Austin, how dare you get in the way of our Shadow Sect? Now we will hunt you!"

said the shadow with the leader's face with rage.

"Ghost Sect is just one of the Shadow Sect's branches. You cannot underestimate the power and influence of the Shadow Sect.

Just wait and see. When the Shadow Sect makes a public appearance, the whole Prime Martial World will be ours. Then, you will understand the consequences of messing with our Shadow Sect."

"I see."

Austin was stunned.

'It turns out Ghost Sect is one of the branches of Shadow Sect. Ghost Sect already owns a lot of strong cultivators. Looks like Shadow Sect is a much more powerful organization, ' he analyzed.

But now that he had made himself an enemy of the Ghost Sect, there was no way he would beg their forgiveness. Besides, according to the shadow, he learned that the Shadow Sect somehow had to hide in the darkness.

He was confident that he could reach a higher level in a few years based on his current cultivation speed. Therefore, he didn't think Shadow Sect would be a threat to him.

"As for my welfare in the future, that's not your business. You should worry about yourself.

This is your soul. Your body has been destroyed, but you can still exist in this form," Austin replied coyly.

He stared at the leader's soul, very intrigued.

"Austin, he must have practiced some kind of secret skill. Cultivators at the Imperial Realm can't normally exist like this,"

Warren chimed in.

"But once his soul is destroyed, he will disappear forever."

The soul of Ghost Sect's leader knew he would vanish forever if he didn't escape.

The leader's soul turned into a light and flew away from Austin.

In the form of a soul, he moved exceptionally fast; compared to in his human form, his speed had increased tenfold.

However, Austin had already predicted his next move. He used his lighting skill and instantly the thunder radiance came in the soul's direction.

The thunder radiance's merit was its speed. It moved as fast as the soul did. Besides, Austin had already speculated the direction that the leader's soul was most likely going to run to.


A smoke rose as the thunder radiance hit the soul of the Ghost Sect

is your elder now.

I hope you will keep it in mind. Do you understand me?"

Warren added seriously.

'What's going on?' Arthur wondered.

Fixing his eyes on Austin in confusion, he looked troubled for he didn't know how to call Austin.

Austin giggled. 'It's strange for him to treat me like his elder.'

"Warren, please don't bother yourself with these trivial matters; It has nothing to do with him.

So nothing needs to change between him and me."

Austin came to Arthur's rescue in a hurry.

"Fine. It's your call. I will go back and continue my cultivation. If you want to see me, you're welcome to my place any time," Warren said to Austin.

He then turned into a light and flew in the direction of the royal palace.

The emperor was very relieved.

Even though Austin was stronger than him, it would still be embarrassing for him to treat him like an elder.

He had seen Austin take out those Sky Realm masters effortlessly.

Austin cleared his throat and said to Arthur, "Your Majesty, have you caught Ghost Sect disciples alive? If you have, leave them to me. I have something to ask them."

"Fine. I'll send people to take them to your place.

One more thing. Don't be so formal. You can just call me by my name.

If my father knew that you treated me like this, he would be disappointed,"

the emperor replied.

Austin headed straight to the gates of the imperial capital city and found Theon, Elder Xu and Elder Xiao.

Since he had known that the three were no match for Sky Realm cultivators of Mysterious Sky Empire, he had asked them to fight against the soldiers from the Mysterious Sky Empire.

The three had employed an array to kill plenty of soldiers of the Mysterious Sky Empire.

Austin led the three to his home inside the imperial capital city.

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