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   Chapter 601 Corpse Diabolic Hand

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7776

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Austin saw the leader of the Ghost Sect stretch out his Corpse Diabolic Hand and rush forwards in his direction. Fearing for his safety, he didn't dare to underestimate the threat posed by his opponent. Austin's two arms became infused with golden light. Suddenly, his arms transformed into two powerfully muscled golden lion's claws. As if to emphasize his power, the sound of lions roaring could be heard in echoes, which rippled powerfully through the empty space between the two sides.

As soon as the two claws materialized, they lashed out without hesitation.

Meanwhile, Austin's eyes met with the leader's mercilessly cold glance. His inner mind was triggered to full alert.

Austin acted quietly and decisively.

Inside the Ghost Sect leader's Soul Sea, a weird demon appeared and roaring in a horrifying way, pounced upon the spiritual soul's seat.

The Ghost Sect leader was taken aback. When he managed to calm down a few moments later, he realized that this was an attack of the spiritual sense. He would never before have expected Austin to use this kind of powerful but rare attack. And worse still, the phantasmal ghost's spiritual sense told him that Austin's powers were much stronger than his own!

This finding shocked the Ghost Sect leader tremendously. Unwilling to waste any more time, he cast a spell and a dark chain crafted from demonic shadows appeared. It rattled off to the ghost at maximum speed.

The ghost bellowed in rage.

It recognized its enemy and immediately fought with the chain.

Following Austin's orders the ghost took evasive action, as soon as the dark chain had appeared. Austin recognized the chain as a Spiritual Chain, a unique fighting skill of the Ghost Sect. However, this time it was the leader of the Ghost Sect who had used this skill, rather than some ordinary disciples. The Spiritual Chain wielded great strength and fettered the ghost's movement.

Although Austin's spiritual sense was stronger than that of the Ghost Sect leader's, he hadn't refined or practiced it much in a long time and had limited knowledge about it. Therefore, he couldn't employ it to full capacity.

Inside the Sect leader's Soul Sea the fight between the ghost and the Spiritual Chain continued.


Austin's two golden lion's claws slashed against the leader's Corpse

ll civilization. The evil ape had followed Warren and came here.

Austin, Warren and the evil ape, surrounded the Sect leader and vowed to keep him there.

The Sect leader suddenly had a sinking feeling that he was in extreme danger.

"Cut the crap, and just die!"

Warren launched the first attack. He clapped his hands and an gigantic, golden hand materialized immediately overhead of the leader.

The ancient evil ape howled until saliva dripped from its slavering jaws.

His physical body was indestructible, but the effects of the assault manifested in the physical world as several hurricanes appeared. Space became distorted. Light bent and molecules spun into disarray.

Austin directly stared into the leader's two dark eyes. He triggered his inner mind, and using his Demon-creating Skill. A demon appeared in the leader's Soul Sea one more time.

Then, Austin stretched out his hand and a thunderbolt streaked through the sky towards the leader.

The leader looked pallid. He was already exhausted from fending off the three opponents' attacks. Besides, he had to think of a solution to deal with the demon inside his Soul Sea. He was already becoming nearly impotent, and had few opportunities remaining for striking back.

A few moments later, he lost.


Austin's thunderbolt hit the leader's body with maximum speed and power.

Simultaneously, the ancient evil ape's fist punched him in the back with a loud crunch.

Warren took the opportunity, and his golden hand fell on the Ghost Sect leader's head.

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