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   Chapter 600 You Have Lost Your Chance

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Kirkland, the emperor of the Mysterious Sky Empire, turned around and ordered his army to retreat from the battle.

"You think that you can still leave here alive, huh? It's too late!"

A faint smile appeared on Austin's face as he stared at Kirkland's back.

Austin seemed to be enjoying the plight of his enemies. He leisurely snapped his fingers at Kirkland's direction.

Immediately, Kirkland stopped on his tracks as if he had knocked into an invisible wall. An explosive sound could be heard from inside him, and his body swayed with the aftermath.

Kirkland coughed out blood that was mingled with pieces of his internal organs. He was obviously on the verge of dying and was unwilling to accept total defeat.

As the emperor of his empire, he had enjoyed being superior above everyone and had lived a life of wealth and privilege. Never, not even once, had he expected to die in a foreign land.

Kirkland's consciousness gradually slipped away, and his lifeless body dropped on the ground.

After the Sky Realm cultivators of the Violet Orchid Empire joined the battle, the army of the Mysterious Sky Empire was at a distinct disadvantage. When Kirkland ordered them to retreat, all the soldiers of the Mysterious Sky Empire scattered to flee.

The whole army of the Mysterious Sky Empire lost all of their courage to fight upon seeing the dead body of their emperor.

They threw away their weapons and ran away from the battle.

Austin rushed to Kirkland's body as soon as it fell on the ground. He frisked the corpse without any scruple and took away all the valuable things, including the Space Ring.

Meanwhile, the fight continued in the sky above the battleground. The Sect Leader of the Ghost Sect kept dodging the combined attacks of Warren and the ancient evil ape.

"I didn't expect that your Ghost Sect has developed such a significant force in the dark during all these years. Indeed, you can easily defeat the five major sects of the Violet Orchid Empire now. However, you are too arrogant to even think of colluding with the Mysterious Sky Empire and usurping the throne of our empire.

Don't you know that people usually die of excessive ambition?"

Warren had paid close attention to the situation of the battleground. Knowing that his imperial capital city was out of danger now that the army of the Mysterious Sky Empire had fled in defeat, he eventually let out a sigh of relief.

Warren was relieved to see their victory approaching. He had to act

What's more, the ancient evil ape and Warren had already wiped out all the zombies and would soon catch up to them. Time was quite limited for the Ghost Sect Leader if he wanted to kill Austin.

Austin had analyzed the situation clearly, and he was confident about his strength as well. He believed that any cultivator at the medium stage of the Imperial Realm wouldn't be able to kill him instantly, let alone the Ghost Sect Leader who had just experienced a fierce fight and had low vital energy at that point.

"One skill is enough to kill you! Check this out! Corpse Diabolic Hand!"

The Ghost Sect Leader shouted as he stretched his right hand out. All of a sudden, his formidable vital energy complemented by clouds of corpse miasma vibrated the air and gathered on his arm.

Immediately, his arm became eerily black and emitted a strong wave of power.

"What happened to his arm?" Austin furrowed his eyebrows.

His eyes narrowed in concentration as he observed the Ghost Sect Leader's arm. He could feel a strange power emanating from it, which stirred up his uneasiness. Austin recognized that it was a special type of skill beyond his knowledge.

After a while, Austin felt it was somehow similar to his Kirin Golden-body Scripture, which he had learned a few days earlier. Both skills could strengthen some parts of the users' bodies, and it was evident in the aura of the Ghost Sect Leader.


While Austin was occupied scrutinizing the power of the Ghost Sect Leader's skill, the latter suddenly dashed towards him at an extremely high speed. His black arm flew across the sky and left a long trail, like a black line on a sheet of paper.

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