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   Chapter 599 Wound Kirkland

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Austin summoned his Brutal Blast Fist. Sensing the blow, Kirkland released a stream of vital energy to form a vital energy wall, attempting to block Austin's fist strength.


Just as the strength of the Brutal Blast Fist was about to collide with Kirkland's vital energy wall, it exploded and shattered. Austin had used the power of his mind to destroy the shield. A swift and fierce blast wave swept across and grazed Kirkland's face.

Kirkland took a hasty step backward and avoided the blast center. He was horrified at the fierce explosion power produced from the invisible strength. Fortunately, he had sensed it in time and blocked it outside his body. The consequences would have been unthinkable if the invisible strength had reached Kirkland.


At this moment, a millstone-shaped fist was enlarging very fast in Kirkland's pupils. The attack had been so fast that even the air current felt strong and suffocating as it enveloped Kirkland's whole body.


Austin's Brutal Blast Fist had been a feign attack to distract Kirkland.

Now, the demon formed by the Demon-creating Skill was in Kirkland's Soul Sea. Plus faced with defending against the Brutal Blast Fist, his attention had been distracted. So Austin seized the opportunity to summon the ancient evil ape to launch a sneak attack.

Being extremely fast, the ancient evil ape took Kirkland unawares and pounded its lightning-quick fist to his chest.

Since the beast's strength was a level higher than Kirkland's strength, and the attack caught him by surprise, Kirkland managed to respond just as the millstone-shaped fist arrived at his chest.

Half dead with fright, Kirkland's vital energy gushed out of his body and accumulated rapidly before his chest, attempting to block the beast's fist.


The ancient evil ape's fist was so powerful that it crushed Kirkland's defensive vital energy and slammed against his chest.

The sound of a few crisp cracks was heard.

Nobody knew how many of Kirkland's ribs had broken from the imp

nvil, and the increased pressure put him in a hurry.

Sensing that Austin was standing behind him, Kirkland was infuriated and exasperated.

"Lad, I am going to dismember you!"

With a cultivation base of the Imperial Realm, Kirkland thought he could deal with Austin whose cultivation base was at the medium stage of the Sky Realm, even though he was wounded.

"Ha-ha, just you? Here and now?"

Austin laughed coldly. He didn't pay any more attention to the severely injured Kirkland. After all, Kirkland's strength had been reduced to two-tenths or three-tenths.

As the proverb goes, he who strikes first prevails. Austin delivered his Brutal Blast Fist.

Since Kirkland's spiritual sense was damaged, it took him a while to detect Austin's attack. The last second before the fist strength reached his body, Kirkland realized what Austin was doing, and began to circulate vital energy to defend against the blow before it reached his body.

But it was too late. Kirkland may have resisted had his strength been at an optimal level. However, since he was in a weakened state, the fist strength invaded his body.

Kirkland was already half dead with fright. After all, he had witnessed the explosive power of Austin's fist strength.

Terror-stricken, he exerted his strength while making his escape. Survival was all Kirkland could care about now.

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