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   Chapter 598 Time To Win The War

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Austin wanted to end the battle as soon as possible. So he pushed his advantage and made a dash at the Sky Realm warrior who was darting through the sky. In a flash, Austin had caught up with him and like a shadow launched his attack.

Several quick, loud thuds were heard, followed by grunts of pain.

Again and again! Austin brutally punched his rival, eventually smashing the man's body in a relentless attack. Before the man could even cry out for help, his body was twisted and torn limb from limb, with twisted body parts plummeting to the ground in a bloody shower of guts and gore.

But Austin didn't retract his claws yet. Instead, he turned and lunged at the remaining Mysterious Sky Empire invaders. Although they were all at the medium stage of Sky Realm, Austin killed them swiftly and cleanly, like a lion tearing its prey apart with only a few strikes of its massive claws.

Very soon, all the Sky Realm invaders were wiped out!

And all by Austin alone! He truly was an army of one.

Seeing that Austin had so easily finished off all the Sky Realm masters from the Mysterious Sky Empire in such a short time, their equivalents from the Violet Orchid Empire shuddered. They involuntarily took a step back each time an enemy was shredded, as if they feared that they would be the next targets of Austin's fierce fists.

"Well, problem solved," Austin said after catching his breath. "Your majesty, I think it's time that you go and conduct the war below," he then suggested.

But he was looking at the Sky Realm cultivators from the Violet Orchid Empire when he spoke. They stood aghast, and still dared not move. Obviously, it was to them that Austin was sending a reminder.

Down below, armies from the two empires were still wrestling mightily with each other, and it seemed that the Violet Orchid Empire's forces were currently at a disadvantage. They might lose without help!

However, Austin knew that if these Sky Realm cultivators joined the battle, they could turn the tide very easily. He hoped that his demonstration would galvanize them into action.

What was an army when compared with so many high level cultivators anyway?

Hearing Austin's words, the emperor suddenly snapped to his senses. Using his spiritual power, he evaluated the situation down below and found that it was not pleasing to their side.

"Come on. Time to end this war," he ordered decisively.

With a wave of his hand, Emperor Author led the Sky Realm cultivators into the battle. They swooped down, and like raptors pausing before the final strike, they came to hover mid-air over the battlefield in a flying formation. Then, the whole sky was brightly lit up as they unleashed their powerful vital force against the invaders below with their palms facing downwards.

The army below mainly consisted of soldiers cultivating at the Energy Gathering Realm. Only a few had reached the Earth Realm. While only the generals had attained the Mysterious Realm yet.

Sure enough, an army like this was merely a mass of weak and insignificant insects in the eyes of the Sky Realm cultivators.

It took each of the dozen or so Sky Realm cultivators only one attack to generate a storm of powerful vital e

rowl at the edge of hearing from within his Soul Sea. Then a murderous and dangerous aura registered in his conscious mind.

Before he could figure out what was happening, a malicious-looking demon had broken through his inner defenses and stormed into his mind.

He was being attacked by pure spiritual power! Damn it!

As a cultivator refining at the Imperial Realm, Kirkland could immediately see with his powerful spiritual sense that the demon in his Soul Sea had been created using spiritual power with the aim to kill him.

He was right about its hostile intentions. As soon as the demon had completely formed, it made a dash for Kirkland's spiritual soul at high speed.

Kirkland was painfully aware of the dire consequences which he would suffer should the creature's attack succeed. Death would be inevitable then!

So without delay, he activated his own spiritual sense and attempted to construct giant, roaring waves of spiritual power with which to meet the demon.

But as a result, he found it even harder to combat the ancient evil ape with his physical body, as he now had to do battle on two fronts and became distracted.

The evil ape seized the opportunity and dealt Kirkland several heavy blows, which threw him back time and again, further weakening his body.

Austin sneered seeing that Kirkland was being completely contained. He then clenched his fist, and struck at him from a distance using his refined Brutal Blast Fist.

However, just as he thought that Kirkland was doomed for sure, the latter sensed his action. Before the power of the Brutal Blast Fist could reach him, Kirkland felt a strange and uncomfortable feeling threatening to overwhelm him. A hidden force?

Kirkland was after all a much more powerful cultivator than a Sky Realm cultivator. He had already become an Imperial Realm Master, and he possessed a much stronger spiritual sense than theirs.

Secretly, Kirkland realized immediately that Austin was launching a furtive attack, as he felt the buildup of a fierce force from the young man. Without letting on that he sensed the impending strike against him, he began to prepare.

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