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   Chapter 597 Slain Sky Realm Masters Effortlessly

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When several Sky Realm cultivators of the Mysterious Sky Empire saw Austin approaching, a frown came over their faces, and they looked flustered.

On the other hand, the masters from the Violet Orchid Empire including Emperor Arthur was visibly excited at the sight of Austin.

Without uttering a word, Austin made his way towards a cultivator from the Mysterious Sky Empire who was at the medium stage of Sky Realm

The master at the medium stage of Sky Realm was in an intense fight with a Violet Orchid Empire cultivator of his level. When the former caught a glimpse of Austin staring at him menacingly, his heart skipped a beat and fear ran through his body.

"Leave him to me,"

Austin said to the cultivator from the Violet Orchid Empire.

The warrior immediately stepped back. His awe towards Austin had shut him into obedience.

The Sky Realm cultivator of Mysterious Sky Empire hated his piece of luck that he had to meet Austin for the first time in the battlefield. The instant he met Austin's intimidating, dismissive gaze, he had lost the urge to fight. He planned to activate his bodily movement skill and make his escape as soon as possible.

But before he could make a move, creepy roars arose in his Soul Sea.

The sound carrying infinite violence, sadness, cruelty and despair spread through his Soul Sea.

Startled, the Sky Realm cultivator of Mysterious Sky Empire instantly used his spiritual sense to figure out what was going on in his Soul Sea. He saw a demon with a twisted face howling. The intruder exuded an enormously diabolic aura, attacking his soul violently.

The Sky Realm cultivator from the Mysterious Sky Empire had never seen such a weird spiritual sense attack. Aghast, he activated his spiritual sense hurriedly to deal with the scary demon.

Austin's spiritual sense was much more powerful than Imperial Realm cultivators'. Besides, the Demon-creating Skill was the seventh grade martial art skill. It was impossible for a cultivator at the medium stage of Sky Realm to get out of the predicament that he was in.

Floating in mid-air, the Sky Realm cultivator trembled violently. Cold sweat dripped from his forehead and his face became pallid.

Austin had exhibited the Demon-creating Skill many times, and its impact never disappointed him.

A smile of satisfaction came across Austin's face, before he clenched his fist. Instantly eight different powers appeared over his fist, giving it an indestructible aura.

He threw his punch at his opponent without touching the latter.

At this point, the cultivator at Sky Realm was focused on handling the demon and attempted to force it to leave his Soul Sea.

All of a sudden, he felt a surge of dangerous, formidable power en

l energy force slowly controlled the fierce power Austin had unleashed and resisted its effect, slowly pushing it out of his body.

Austin realized that he failed to take his opponent's life with his Brutal Blast Fist. He marveled at his enemy's cultivation base of vital energy.

The next minute, he appeared in front of his opponent. He outstretched his hands which gave off brilliant lights. Instantly they turned into lion's claws which burst apart the dazzling golden lights. Loud roars rang out, and meanwhile, a powerful strength came out from the two claws and spread in all directions.

The two claws came at their target at a fierce speed.

Upon seeing that Austin's arms had transformed into lion's claws, the cultivator of the premium stage of Sky Realm became alert and got into position to defend himself.

"Vital Energy Palm!"

Boundless vital energy force kept gathering in the palms of the cultivator from the Mysterious Sky Empire. He bellowed in a low voice, then hit the claws with his hands, and a deafening sound cut through the air.


The moment his palms met the claws, a wave of vital energy force gushed out from his palms, and the space twisted due to the overbearing force.

When his palms touched the two golden claws, his face changed dramatically. At that moment, he could clearly discern how violent and powerful the force of the claws was.

Facing the strong power the claws had released, the cultivator at the premium stage reached the conclusion that he was losing the fight. His face dimmed with great terror as the vital energy force over his palms had dissipated completely.


The two claws fell on his face. In a moment, his face turned deathly pale. He spat out a mouthful of blood and he had been thrown into the air due to force the claws had released.

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