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   Chapter 596 Share The Throne With You

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"Go to hell!" the leader of the Ghost Sect yelled, burning with fury.

Soon, a strong vital energy force gushed out of his body.

He stared at Warren furiously and bent his right hand which transformed into a claw shaped structure. With the wind howling, the shadow of a huge black claw appeared. It stretched across several hundred feet and rushed towards Warren as quickly as lightning.

Warren snorted indignantly. He waved his right hand and a bright golden light emanated from his palm. The beam of light immediately took the shape of a stick and flew towards the shadow of the claw.

"Come on! Let's join hands and kill him!" the leader of the Ghost Sect shouted.

His bloodshot eyes were filled with anger.

Kirkland, the emperor of the Mysterious Sky Empire joined the battle too. Instantly, fierce combat began among the three extremely powerful Imperial Realm cultivators.

The vice Sect Leader of the Ghost Sect was suppressed by the ancient evil ape and this gave Warren an advantage. He felt it would be easier to go against his opponents.


Suddenly, the sound of a loud bang was heard.

The vice Sect Leader got another punch from the evil ape, and was sent flying off to the distance like a meteorite. His blood spread along the way like a fountain let loose.

"He's been taken care of!"

Austin shook his head. He knew that there was no chance that the vice Sect Leader could survive that attack.

On the other hand, he couldn't help but admire the evil ape's incredible combat effectiveness that it had shown in the battle.

'Well, compared to the cultivators of the same cultivation level, the diabolic beasts are better in combat effectiveness, ' he thought.

As Austin had expected, the vice Sect Leader of the Ghost Sect looked at the evil ape with hatred after he slammed to the ground. Slowly his head drooped down and he gradually stopped breathing.

The Imperial Realm cultivator had never thought that he would have died this way!

Austin gave an order to the evil ape. The next moment, the latter jumped in the air and rushed towards Kirkland at an incredible speed.

At the same time, Austin floated in the direction of the corpse of the vice Sect Leader.

A cultivator at the Imperial Realm always had a lot of treasures with him. Austin was very keen to grab or attain valuable things from his opponents after he had killed them. They helped him for further cultivation.

Generally he had no interest in searching the dead body of a cultivator at the Mysterious Realm or the Earth Realm.

However, things were different when it came to a cultivator of the Imperial Realm.

Austin wouldn't miss such a good opportunity. He unleashed the bod

s when they saw him come towards them.

They knew well that Todd was a Sky Realm cultivator.

Nobody had expected that he would have been killed by Austin after only two rounds of fight!

"Aha! Austin, I never thought you could reach such a high cultivation level.

You really surprised me today!"

Emperor Arthur of the Violet Orchid Empire was fighting fiercely with the Sky Realm cultivators of the Mysterious Sky Empire when he saw Austin rushing towards him. He cheered up and was filled with hope on seeing him.

"Austin, if our Violet Orchid Empire stays safe after this, you deserve all the credit.

I assure you that you will get any position you want.

Even if you want me to share the throne with you, I'll readily agree!"

Emperor Arthur said emotionally.

When the battle began, he had fallen into complete despair before Austin arrived.

The moment Austin showed up, a stunning change occurred in the battlefield, and the situation was turning increasingly favorable for the Violet Orchid Empire.

Thus, it was not surprising that Emperor Arthur was excited to see Austin and was ready to give him anything in return.

"Ha-ha! Your Majesty, the most important thing at the moment is to defeat the enemies as soon as possible. Let's keep the reward thing aside for now,"

Austin answered with a slight smile. He had no interest in any high position or any wealth at all.

His goal was to pursue the pinnacle of martial arts.

Furthermore, in the Prime Martial World, cultivators with high cultivation level in martial arts were worshiped by everyone. So if he reached the highest cultivation level, there would be no problem for him to get everything he wanted.

"You're right. We should focus on fighting our enemies now."

Emperor Arthur nodded in agreement.

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