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   Chapter 595 Turn The Tide

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Austin merely stood there, showing no intentions of leaving the battle, which made the Abdicated Emperor of the Violet Orchid Empire desperately anxious. He had to hustle him off the battlefield somehow.

The Vice Sect-Leader of the Ghost Sect was standing in front of Austin and sneering at Warren's words.

"Hmm, it's too late to escape now, Austin.

You know, lad? You were bold enough to kill so many warriors of the Mysterious Sky Empire. But now, it's payback time.

You need to pay the price.

Your body is of an extremely fine quality and I can feel something special in it.

You will be a perfect choice to be refined into a corpse demon."

The Vice Leader of the Ghost Sect gave a sly smile and licked his lips with a scarlet colored tongue. Excitement flashed across his eyes as if he had found the prey he most desired.

"Oh? You want to refine me into a corpse demon?

You really are thinking highly of me, and even higher of yourself!

I am afraid you will never have the opportunity to do so."

Austin chuckled and responded.

He knew that the man in front of him was at the primary stage of the Imperial Realm, which was one level lower than the ancient evil ape he had tamed. He had more than enough power to defeat this enemy.

'Once I kill this Vice Sect Leader, only two Imperial Realm rivals will be left. That is the same as what the royal court has. Warren and the ancient evil ape are both Imperial Realm Masters.

Also, Warren is slightly stronger than the Ghost Sect's leader, so he will defeat him for sure.

The ancient evil ape is no doubt stronger than the Emperor Kirkland himself, who is at the primary stage of the Imperial Realm.

After all it isn't hopeless for us to win.

The tables will be turned as soon as the vice Sect Leader is killed off!'

Austin thought inwardly and then, a murderous look flashed across his eyes.

His words had utterly enraged the Vice Leader of Ghost Sect.

"Ha ha ha, you are overestimating yourself. Lad, I don't have a chance? Hah!

I will show you what I am right now!"

The Vice Leader was sure that his Imperial Realm cultivation base would win out.

Hardly had his voice faded away when a stream of jet black vital energy force spewed out from his body and rushed towards Austin like a furious flood.

"Old fool, I meant what I said. You are a dead man today."

Austin also raised his tone and snapped. All the while, his sharp eyes were fixed on his opponent.

When the Vice Leader caught a glance of Austin's strange look, some sort of surprise and fear surged up in his heart.

Just as the thought crept into his mind, he hear

ast may have just turned the tide.

Warren had been thinking that he was out of the running and the imperial capital city was going to be taken over now. He was prepared for death now.

All his hope was to try his best to drag out the fighting and stall for some time so that members of the royal court could flee and retain power and descendants.

But the ancient evil ape had just offered him a beacon of hope.

He could also see that the Vice Sect Leader of the Ghost Sect was already seriously injured with not much strength left.


Another muffled crash was heard as the ancient evil ape's fists hit the leader right on his chest.

He was being completely pummeled now.

His attention was divided between the demon in his Soul Sea and the evil ape in the battlefield, who was a level higher than him in terms of power. It was safe to say that he had almost lost the battle now.

Having suffered several punches from the ancient evil ape, his blood was continuously spurting out from his body and a desperate listlessness had settled over him. Watching the ancient evil ape, he was totally terrified.


The Sect Leader of the Ghost Sect knew that his right hand was going to be killed by the huge ape in a moment now.

It would be a heavy blow to the Ghost Sect if an Imperial Realm master-hand was killed.

But in any case, he was, by no means, going to watch his right hand get killed.

The next moment, he strode forward, attempting to practice his bodily movement skill to save the Vice Sect Leader from the beast.

But Warren saw through his intentions and moved forward too.

"It's too late to save him now."

His figure flashed and was in front of the Sect Leader in the blink of eye, intercepting his way.

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