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   Chapter 594 This Isn't Child's Play

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All the four were at the Imperial Realm. One was Warren from the Violet Orchid Empire.

Kirkland, the emperor of Mysterious Sky Empire had joined hands with the leader of the Ghost Sect and then, there was another skimpy man.

After observing them for a while, Austin had learned the level of four masters' strength.

Warren had reached the medium stage of Imperial Realm.

The leader of the Ghost Sect was also at the medium stage of Imperial Realm, while Kirkland and the skimpy man had reached the preliminary stage of Imperial Realm.

But Austin had sensed that Warren from the Violet Orchid Empire was marginally stronger than the leader of Ghost Sect.

If they were battling each other, Warren might have an upper hand over the leader of the Ghost Sect.

But the fact was, he had to deal with three cultivators who were at the Imperial Realm. It was inevitable that he would lose the fight.

It wouldn't take long before Warren was defeated and even lost his life.

Once he got killed, no one in the Violet Orchid Empire could withstand three masters from the Mysterious Sky Empire who had achieved the Imperial Realm.

Fully aware of the situation they were in, Austin knew that he had to come to Warren's rescue.

Wasting no time, he initiated his bodily movement skill, and at an alarming speed flew towards four Imperial Realm masters.

The four cultivators at the Imperial Realm already knew that Austin had previously slain Todd, a cultivator at the premium stage of Sky Realm from the Mysterious Sky Empire.

Since they had reached the Imperial Realm, their spiritual sense was outstandingly powerful. They could perceive everything that was happening in the entire battlefield by unleashing their incredible spiritual sense.

Austin's power of spiritual sense, however was stronger than that of the low-level Imperial Realm masters.

The four cultivators at the Imperial Realm were engrossed in a fierce fight. As they sensed Austin's approaching, they were stunned at the rude intervention.

'We are masters at the Imperia

reached his ears, he burst into laughter. He thought the boy was being ridiculous.

"What an arrogant guy!

You plan to bring us down!

That's funny. Don't think you're invincible after killing a few Sky Realm cultivators.

I'll show you the difference between you and us," the man said menacingly.

'I see.

It looks like the masters at the Imperial Realm including Warren don't think much of me.

They've already tagged me as a loser.

This entire situation can change in a moment if I release the tenth-grade ancient evil ape. Besides, I can also join the fight. That way, perhaps I can kill the three masters at the Imperial Realm from the Mysterious Sky Empire, with the help of Warren, ' he pondered.

Austin could tell by their facial expressions that the masters of the Mysterious Sky Empire didn't think he could take them out. Moreover, neither did Warren believe in him.

Despite that, he was confident he could defeat the three masters. A faint smile appeared on his lips.

"Don't bluff, brat

You'll be crying in a minute," the skinny man bellowed at Austin.

Austin's smile had enraged him.

"Austin, you stand no chance to defeat an Imperial Realm cultivator. This is not child's play. Do as I tell you to! Save yourself."

Warren urged. The sight of Austin standing still worried him. Moreover, he showed no intention to leave.

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