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   Chapter 592 Austin Joined The Battle

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This way, the Mysterious Sky Empire had three masters at the Imperial Realm, whereas, the Violet Orchid Empire only had one—Warren.

Warren was at the medium stage of Imperial Realm, just like Kirkland, the Emperor of the Mysterious Sky Empire.

At the same time, the Sect Leader of the Ghost Sect and the thin, dry man were both at the preliminary stage of Imperial Realm.

In this way, Warren was slightly out of his depth now. He had to fight three people alone, one of whom was equal in strength to him. It was obvious that he was feeling a bit overwhelmed.

"Alas, things are not going so well!"

Watching his father slowly lose ground, Emperor Arthur was getting the feeling that the Violet Orchid Empire was most probably doomed.

At that very moment, the sky was full of violent fluctuations of natural energy. The battle between these masters of the Imperial Realm was going on full tilt with extreme vigor and vitality. At the same time, several masters of the Sky Realm were also showcasing their powers.

Just as Emperor Arthur had begun to feel totally lost, thunder suddenly roared from the sky and a burst of clear laughter rang out.

"Ha ha, this battle is epic! I've never seen such powers before. It's quite a feast for the eye to be honest."

Following this sentence, several more peals of laughter resounded in the sky.

The laughter itself sounded like a long roll of thunder and millions of people heard it.

Emperor Arthur paused for a moment as the voice fell on his ears. There was something familiar about that voice. Suddenly, a trace of joy flitted across his eyes.

"It's Austin."

He cried out as he felt some sort of warmth coming into his heart.

Although he felt that Austin coming there alone could not turn the tables for them since he was just at the medium stage of Sky Realm, Emperor Arthur was still a little grateful to him for coming to their aid in such a terrible situation.

"Humph, a young man at the Sky Realm. How dare you come here?"

Emperor Kirkland also paused for a moment when he heard the laughter. But since he could also sense Austin's cultivation base, he just sneered and paid no attention to this newcomer.

There were more than twenty masters of the Sky Realm on his side, and there was no way that one more enemy at the same level was going to hurt them.

When Austin saw that he was being ignored, he smiled slightly and there was a sudden flash of pale

energy force.

However, the sharp and brutal fist force entered the enemy's body before anyone knew what was going on.

Seeing Austin punch him from a distance, the cultivator from the Mysterious Sky Empire thought that the former was going to use his vital energy to attack him.

He secretly launched his own vital energy and prepared to defend himself.

However, when he saw no vital energy attack, he froze for a second.

Then he felt a very weird and dangerous force thrust onto him, pressing him down.

His face immediately changed, and he hurriedly mustered his vital energy against that weird force, trying to throw it out of his body.

Austin gave him a cold look.


He uttered the same phrase clearly.


A deep explosion burst out of the cultivator's body.

Then he too lost his life and fell down, limp like a sock.

After that, Austin swung more than a dozen punches in a row, all aimed at cultivators of the Mysterious Sky Empire, who were at the preliminary stage of Sky Realm.

Those punches looked flat and didn't even produce much of a vital energy force fluctuation. They seemed as if Austin had merely punched in the air a dozen times.

However, right after those punches, the targeted men exploded into pieces, and they fell out of the sky like dumplings thrown into a pot.

The process was extremely short, taking only a few seconds.

More than a dozen cultivators at the preliminary stage of Sky Realm had been killed in just the few seconds!

The entire battlefield was dumbfounded now. For a moment, the battle stopped, and all eyes turned towards Austin.

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