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   Chapter 590 Storm Castle

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"I heard that both the emperor of the Mysterious Sky Empire and the Ghost Sect Leader are leading the huge army. From what I know, they are both formidable warriors who are in the Imperial Realm of their cultivation base. It's a grim picture for the Violet Orchid Empire indeed.

And they are accompanied by dozens of master-warriors who are in the cultivation base of Sky Realm just lurking in their army.

I wonder whether the imperial capital city would survive this battle."

The emperor gazed in the distance for a short while, then he slowly bowed his head and sighed.

"Your Majesty, only the Abdicated Emperor Warren is capable of holding off the two Imperial Realm masters. But, we have no idea when his seclusion period will end."

Lord Protector General stood by the emperor and anxiously reported to him.

"I have already informed my father of our current situation using my spiritual sense. He should arrive any time soon.

But the odds are against him if he were to face those two Imperial Realm warriors all by himself.

Moreover, they have dozens of masters in the Sky Realm of cultivation base in their campsite. They have totally surrounded us with sheer strength.

The imperial capital city has been under siege for a couple of days now. I have no idea how long we can keep our defenses up against their constant bombardment."

The emperor's voice was filled with worry and stress. He was fearful for the safety of his people.

Then suddenly, the sound of drumbeats thundering loudly and powerfully boomed all throughout the entire imperial capital city. It was heard in every corner of the city and did not stop pounding.

"They are getting ready to launch attack!"

The sound of the beating drums painted a solemn and fearful expression on a dozen men who were from the royal court of the Violet Orchid Empire.

The ground shook and shuddered as wave after wave of warriors thundered towards the fortress, their rumbling footsteps echoed throughout the city. Every soul in the empire felt anxious and afraid just witnessing this monstrous number of soldiers.

"Relay my command. Everyone, prepare for the battle.

All the generals and soldiers, go forth and guard the walls. Keep our line of defense strong!"

The emperor snapped in a stern voice, his face was etched with determination and authority.

Figures suddenly flashed t

l of your people once we breach the walls of your city.

Surrender now, or suffer a horrifying death. Which one will it be?"

Emperor Kirkland said in a proud and arrogant tone. It seemed like he was already certain of his victory.

"Ha ha ha, he is right you know Emperor Arthur. Stop acting tough already, it will only cause you death. Think about saving your life and the lives of your people instead."

The old man clad in black grinned as he taunted Emperor Arthur.

"You must be none other than the Sect Leader of the Ghost Sect. Everyone believes that the Ghost Sect was already destroyed a long time ago. Who would have known that you've secretly grown into this powerful group?"

Emperor Arthur said as he intently gazed at the old man who just spoke to him.

Apparently he was indeed the Sect Leader of the Ghost Sect.

"Humph, cut the crap already. I hate it when people waste my time.

Choose already, Emperor Arthur. Bow down or fight.

I warn you though, choose wisely. Your future and your empire's future are at stake."

The Sect Leader of the Ghost Sect impatiently snorted.

"Huh, the royal court of the Violet Orchid Empire may not be a match against your combined forces, but we'd rather die fighting rather than cowardly bow down to the likes of you."

Watching their overbearing and arrogant stance, Emperor Arthur spoke each word proudly. His voice was filled with anger and annoyance. 'How dare they look down on us?'

"Hum, you are refusing a toast only to drink a forfeit. Attack!"

Emperor Kirkland's face turned cold and shouted.

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