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   Chapter 589 Denali's Secrets

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Suddenly, from inside the trunk of the massive tree there erupted a muted noise, that ended with a groaning sound, as if the tree were in intense agony.

The trunk was so massive that one could barely link your arms round a quarter of its girth. It exploded suddenly and an irresistible force burst forth from it. The trunk was smashed into pieces and the huge tree toppled over, accompanied by a tearing groan. It hit the ground with a shower of leaves, smaller branches, and twigs.

Austin was overjoyed at the success. Finally, he had managed to wield a Brutal Blast Fist of the Major Achievement Stage.

Then, facing the towering trees of the distant forest, Austin stretched forth his arms and struck a battery of more than ten lightning fast punches.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

With a tremendous sound, more than a dozen trees exploded into splinters and large chunks of shattered wood. The tree trunks of the nearby trees were reduced to kindling, and sifted down between the leafy terrified trees like snow.

Witnessing so many trees felled in a single instant was a terrifying and yet impressive scene to behold. It felt as if the earth trembled and the mountains swayed with the sheer power of the event. As if an afterthought one remaining tree also groaned suddenly and slipped off its rooted base. A final victim of destruction in the forest.

"Finally! I've mastered the Brutal Blast Fist of Major Achievement Stage!"

Austin laughed with utter delight.

Despite his initial joy, he knew that this was only a preliminary success as he still needed to practice this skill. There was still a long way to go to reach the perfection of this skill.

According to the instructions, once someone had reached a complete state of perfection, he could then blow up anything within an 800 meters radius. He would be invincible with the Brutal Blast Fist!

Austin could only reach a target within 200 meters at this point though.

After his dramatic practice session, he went for a stroll in the valleys of the Sun Mountain.

Once a place of idyllic beauty, the Sun Mountain had now been completely wrecked by war. Its solemn beauty and graceful dignity were all destroyed and the signs of battle abounded.

It would take a long time to recover to its former state of glory.

Strolling alone down the path, hands behind his back, Austin looked around and allowed his memories to wander. A faint smile of reminiscence flickered on his face. This was where he had lived for a long time, and he knew every hollow, valley, and rock formation.

"Hello! Austin!"

"Austin, how do you do?"

The disciples of the Sun Sect were all busily working at clearing up the scenes of destruction. Seeing Austin, they greeted him respectfully. Austin was now a superstar in the Sun Sect. Even Theon, the Sect Leader, dared not show disrespect to Austin, let alone the disciples. They were all beholden to him for his rescue of them during the recent conflict with the Ghost Sect.

The disciples of the Sun Sect all looked up to Austin, and their eyes were filled with admiration.

Though he was at the same young age as most of the disciples, his incredible strength of cultivation had saved the whole Sun Sect.

On the day of the battle, Austin had joined in the fight. He had defe

ithout tiring.

Shortly after he had left Sun Mountain, Austin suddenly sneezed violently.

"How strange... I wonder who's talking about me?". . .

The imperial capital city of the Violet Orchid Empire towered above an endless plain, surrounded by tall walls and lofty guard towers.

Cast from black volcanic rock, the city wall was a monument of strength and endurance. It would remain eternal, as not even the forces of nature such as erosion could tarnish it.

Soldiers could be seen patrolling the walls at all hours of the day. Guards were stationed every five paces and every tenth pace there was a sentry on lookout duty. The city was indeed heavily guarded and fortified.

Archers crouched behind the bulwarks, armed with bow and arrow. They were ready to take aim at the enemies gathered outside the city.

Above the city wall, a dozen men with an imposing air about them, hovered in midair.

A man, dressed in ornate robes, levitating in the middle of this group, he was the emperor of the Violet Orchid Empire.

He was flanked on either side by the top fighters in the empire.

All eyes were focused outside of the wall while anxiety and worry ran rife. They could see armies appearing in the distance like the dark clouds of a gathering storm front. There were so many soldiers in the opposing forces that it resembled an endless tide of armor, like an undulating dragon with iron scales the army flowed onto the planes. It was easy to tell that the army was from the Mysterious Sky Empire from the huge billowing flags which they carried.

Of course, they were not overly concerned by the ordinary soldiers facing them. Rather they were surveying the enemy to evaluate their top fighters who were marching within the army. Ordinary soldiers were as nothing to an experienced cultivator.

In the Prime Martial World, fighters were respectable. The strong fighters enjoyed the most privilege. Even royals had to bow to them. It was a hard-earned status, and meant that the fighter was not someone to trifle with.

Hence, the ordinary troops of the Violet Orchid Empire were not much of a match to the multitude of strong fighters who traveled with the invading army.

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