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   Chapter 588 The Major Achievement Stage Of Brutal Blast Fist

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Theon was greatly shocked previously when Denali brought back two books of fifth-grade martial arts and one book of sixth-grade martial arts.

Now, Austin suddenly offered him three books of sixth-grade martial arts, which made him feel extremely excited.

God knew how valuable a sixth-grade martial arts book was.

It was such an important book that even the most powerful sect in Violet Orchid Empire, the Peripatetic Sect, only had one sixth-grade martial arts book.

It was with the help of that book that the Peripatetic Sect outperformed the other four sects in martial arts grades and became the strongest among the five.

On the other hand, the two fifth-grade martial arts books were the highest ones possessed by the Sun Sect.

Only those who were upper leaders and some gifted principal disciples were allowed to practice the two books in the Sun Sect.

"Austin, this... This... These books are too precious. I can't take them,"

stammered Theon.

"Don't say that, Sect Leader Xiang. Take it because I give it to you. You do know what kind of person I am, right?

Take it as a sign of my gratitude.

I used to live in Sun Sect for six or seven years after all and I really hope for the Sun Sect to have a better future,"

said Austin calmly.

"If that's what you think. Then, I'll take it.

I will make sure to write this in the annals of Sun Sect. You will be known as the disciple who has contributed the most to our sect.

Ha! It will not be long before we become the strongest sect in Violet Orchid Empire now that we have five books of fifth-grade and four books of sixth-grade."

Theon was smiling ear to ear when he took the three pieces of colorful martial arts jade slips. Needless to say, he seemed overjoyed with just the look of the books.

"You may take a rest, Austin. I'll get some Elders to have the work done and we'll all go with you to the Empire,"

said Theon to Austin. Then, he bowed his head respectfully and left.

"You're getting more and more sophisticated, Austin. I don't even have a clue of what's in your head anymore," said Murray as he walked out of the hall and greeted Austin with mixed joy and doubt in his eyes.

Who would have expected Austin to develop this much in such a short while after leaving the Sun Sect?

He didn't ju

of eight men's fists.

He would be required to hit his enemy's body if he wanted to kill them with his current skill.

However, he wouldn't have to engage in such a close fight if he could reach the Major Achievement Stage of Brutal Blast Fist. His enemy's body would explode instantly without needing to touch him.

What Austin was practicing was Major Achievement Stage of Brutal Blast Fist.

He had already used the Brutal Blast Fist against his enemies for so many times. Thus, he had a deep understanding of it and also learned some secrets of the Major Achievement Stage.

What he planned to do now was to improve his Brutal Blast Fist to Major Achievement Stage so he could kill his enemies regardless of their distance.

It was the reason why he was punching against the trees over and over.

At first, Austin could feel how his fist brought wild wind and make sand and stones fly in the air, creating an impact which was enough to take trees down.

However, it wasn't the power of his Brutal Blast Fist that was doing all those. It was just his vital energy force. His vital energy force had grown too strong that he didn't even need to use martial arts to create the same damage.

After four hours of practice, Austin felt himself become more and more proficient of his fists.

He tried to use the Brutal Blast Fist once more, and to his amazement, he didn't affect any other trees around him.

He was finally able to focus his energy to a single target, sending all his power towards the trunk of a giant tree.

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