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   Chapter 587 Present Medicinal Elixirs And Martial Skills As Gifts

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Austin decided to go back to the imperial capital city since his relatives and friends still lived in the Austin Palace.

Obviously, once the imperial capital city was broken into, no one would remain safe, so he had to go back to protect them.

Austin knew a little about how the Ghost Sect operated.

They needed numerous corpses of warriors to cultivate their corpse soldiers and generals. Once they broke into the imperial capital city, the first thing they would do was to kill warriors and use their corpses to cultivate more corpse soldiers and generals for their army.

"Austin, are you ready to join the war in the imperial capital city?" Theon asked.

They were currently having a meeting in the conference hall. Senior leaders, including Theon, were present. Murray, who had become an elder not so long ago, sat beside Theon.

"Yes, some of my friends and relatives are still in the imperial capital city. I have to get them out.

The imperial capital city has been besieged by the Ghost Sect. I don't know how long it will take for them to break into the city, so I have to save my friends and relatives as soon as I can."

Austin had heard this piece of news through the grapevine.

"Austin, there's something you must know. The Mysterious Sky Empire is the hidden force behind the Ghost Sect.

The Ghost Sect only reappeared in the Violet Orchid Empire a while ago.

Before they went up against the other sects in the city, the emperor of the Mysterious Sky Empire sent messengers to those sects to tell them that the Ghost Sect has become the state sect of the Mysterious Sky Empire and that its founder has been authorized as the National Counselor.

The Ghost Sect's reappearance in the Violet Orchid Empire means that the Mysterious Sky Empire intends to occupy the Violet Orchid Empire,"

Theon added.

"Oh? Mysterious Sky Empire?"

Austin was puzzled. He had never heard of that country before.

"The Mysterious Sky Empire is one of our neighbors. It is a powerful and ambitious country.

Two years ago, it conquered three small countries. But I didn't expect them to target us next,"

Theon explained.

"I see."

Theon's words enlightened Austin. 'The Ghost Sect attacked sects in th

s of Energy-prevailing Elixirs are?' one of the elders thought in his mind.

Theon and the others were all taken aback by Austin's casual attitude.

Looking at the disbelief in their eyes, Austin smirked inwardly. They didn't know that he was a third-grade pill refiner now. He could refine the Energy-prevailing Elixir any time he needed it. It might be precious for people like Theon, but not for Austin.

"Well, Austin, since you don't need these elixirs, I suppose it's better for us to accept your gifts.

On behalf of all the disciples of the Sun Sect, thank you,"

Then he took the elixirs from Austin.

"Apart from the elixirs, I've also prepared three kinds of martial arts skills for you. These skills are at the sixth grade. Please accept them. You can count them as your collected skills."

'Sixth-grade martial arts skills!'

Looking at the three colorful jade slips, Theon and the other elders were stunned again.

After a moment of shocked silence, Theon finally spoke up.

"Austin, you... You... Where did you get those sixth-grade skills?

Denali told me she has two fifth-grade and one sixth-grade martial arts manuals, and some sixth-grade and seventh-grade elixirs. I wondered where she'd gotten them, but she told me they have been from you. You gave them to Denali as a gift.

I can't believe you got so many martial arts skills and elixirs in the Mysterious Nether World and brought them here,"

Theon articulated in an extremely amazed tone.

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