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   Chapter 586 You Should Be The Sect Leader

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A feeling of relief and joy surged through Austin's veins at the sight of Jaime's dead body.

The thought of how the last three years he had been living his life like an idiot crept into his mind. He couldn't help but sigh.

Now, Jaime, the culprit, was finally brought to justice. He had taken his vengeance on him.

"Austin, you finally managed to take revenge and settle your old scores!"

A figure came to Austin and said softly.

He was Murray, the steward of the Sun Sect.

"Austin, you have reached such a high level, I never expected that you could achieve such tremendous achievements."

Austin's delicate face reminded him of the days when he found him, he was just a vagrant child wandering around on the streets.

Yet Austin had reached the pinnacle within just six to seven years, which was beyond everyone's expectation.

Now his strength was much stronger than the leaders of five major sects.

As Murray recalled the memories, he became emotional as joy and happiness welled up in his heart.

"Ha ha, in those days without your care and cultivation, I would be nobody today."

Austin expressed his gratitude to Murray.

For Austin, Murray was both his master and father.

So he wanted to come back and see Murray, which was also one of his reasons for rescuing the Sun Sect from a siege.

At the same time, Theon and the five Elders had organized some disciples to clean the battlefield.

The Sun Sect had suffered a great loss this time, a lot of disciples died while many of the buildings were ruined.

A heavy smell of blood permeated everywhere, making the entire Sun Mountain smell as bad as hell.

It would take a tremendous amount of work for the Sun Sect to recover to what it used to be.

After arranging people to deal with the aftermath of the battle, Theon and five other Elders witnessed Austin kill Jaime in the most savage method, pounding him to death with his fists.

Theon and the other five Elders walked towards Austin

otion came unexpectedly.

Murray found it a bit too abrupt.

"No more hesitation, Elder Murray. Our Sect Leader has given his orders."

"You are too humble, Elder Murray."

The other five Elders echoed their support, all in agreement.

In fact, Theon knew the relationship between Murray and Austin. He was doing so to gain Austin's favor.

At a young age of less than 20 years old, Austin had already had a Sky Realm cultivation base, such martial arts skills were extremely rare in the world.

He knew that Austin was a man with lofty aspirations; he would amaze the world and reach the peak of perfection in martial arts, a peak no warrior in the Violet Orchid Empire could imagine.

Keeping friendly relations with him would likely benefit the Sun Sect greatly in the future.

Moreover, he was very clear that Murray was good enough to be an Elder.

So, Theon offered the post of Elder to Murray in Austin's presence.

Austin was also surprised at Theon's decision, but after a brief reflection, he understood his strategy. Since it was good for Murray, Austin had no opposition to Theon's suggestion.

The other five Elders also understood Theon's plan.

Thereupon, Theon immediately announced to all the disciples of the Sun Sect that Murray would be the newly appointed Elder of the Sun Sect.

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