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   Chapter 585 I Would Rather Die Than Surrender!

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8555

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After Austin finished Seth off, he looked around and found that all the other disciples from the Ghost Sect were already dead.

Meanwhile, Violet had already brought more than 100 corpse soldiers under her control.

However, most of the corpse soldiers and corpse generals were damaged during the fight and could no longer function as intended.

With just one glance, Austin roughly estimated that more than 500 corpse soldiers were left on the battlefield.

While for the 100 corpse generals that he was controlling, only 85 remained functioning while the other 15 were already destroyed.

Austin looked at Seth's dead body once again. He searched Seth's body for loots and was surprised to find a dozen of corpse nourishing bags inside the latter's Space Ring.

A corpse nourishing bag was good enough for 20 corpse generals.

Seth must have been carrying those bags with him to nourish more corpse generals.

Austin took the bags and put his 85 corpse generals into them.

When all was set, he turned around and glanced at a guy sharply.

"Ha-ha, Jaime, you bastard! I bet you didn't expect that this day would come!"

Jaime was now surrounded by Theon and five Elders from Sun Sect. He couldn't move a finger, afraid that one wrong move could bring his demise.

Amid the difficult situation, he looked back and regretted his rash decision of defecting to Ghost Sect. Ghost Sect was once believed to become the ruler of Violet Orchid Empire. Thus, he had eagerly joined the Ghost Sect, dreaming that one day he could accomplish great deeds and be awarded high position inside the sect.

However, things didn't go as he planned. He miscalculated everything, thus, made the wrong decision of joining the Ghost Sect.

Now, even Seth was slaughtered by Austin.

He knew that he wouldn't survive if he tried to fight back.

It was not only Austin who was after his head but also the disciples from the Sun Sect.

Jaime was considered a traitor by leading the disciples of Ghost Sect to storm the Sun Sect and killing its disciples mercilessly. Now, he became a mortal enemy of the Sun Sect.

Being surrounded, he was not at an advantage. Everyone surrounding him would want him either dead or alive. He was left with no choice but to keep silent.

He knew at this moment, everything that he would say or do would not give him the upper hand.

Seeing Austin's resentful glances, Jaime knew that today would be his death.

"Ha ha! Twat, it's me that hatched a plot against you and made you a moron.

I should have killed you t

s spiritual sense yet still failed to win over this demon. So, Jaime who had just entered the Mysterious Realm had to double his effort to block the demon.

But it didn't take long before the demon started to chase Jaime's soul inside the Soul Sea. Jaime had obviously failed to fight back.

Seeing this, Austin knew that his Demon-creating Skill successfully worked.

He flexed his muscles and decided to strike a deadly blow.

Austin was quick that in just a few seconds, he was already standing in front of Jaime.

He hit him hard with his bare fist, without vital energy or additional skills.

At that time, that fierce-looking demon was chasing Jaime's soul inside his Soul Sea.

Jaime was already exerting effort running away and escaping from the demon in his Soul Sea. He could not handle being physically beaten by Austin at the same time.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Austin's strikes were quick and firm. In a blink of an eye, he had already hit Jaime a dozen times.

Each strike was as heavy as 10, 000 pounds!

With every heavy blow, Jaime's bones started to crack.

Austin continued to hit Jaime without any remorse. When he had completed his attack, Jaime's body was almost dislocated. All the bones were broken into pieces and blood started to come out from his mouth.

Jaime looked desperate and remorseful.


Finally, Austin used a force of 30, 000 pounds to strike the last blow on Jaime's body, Jaime's motionless body flew away like a kite being cut loose from the line. He could no longer open his eyes to see what was happening. He could only feel the wind against his body until he lost consciousness. Eventually, Jaime died even before hitting the ground.

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