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   Chapter 584 Kill Seth

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A beam of thunder radiance shot by Austin repelled Seth's attack. Then, Austin shot a second beam of thunder radiance against him.

As Austin was still a newbie in using the thunder radiance, he could only shoot a beam of thunder radiance one at a time.

Seth was not expecting that Austin could release a thunder radiance that were so powerful. Anyone would have certainly been caught off guard for its attack speed, despite of being fully prepared for such attacks. And it packed so much energy that you would definitely think twice before blocking or launching a counterattack.

Even though Seth was fully prepared for the incoming assault, still he was barely able to withstand a single attack of Austin's thunder radiance. He knew he met a tough guy this time.

Austin had only recently acquired the skill, and he haven't had the chance to try it out yet. But now, here was his chance to use it in actual combat against a fierce rival who has the same cultivation base as his. It was indeed too good of a moment to pass up.

Therefore, Austin decided not to use any other martial art skills except the thunder radiance. He then activated all the strike powers in order to increase his ability to shoot out more thunder radiance strikes, in order to test just how powerful it was.

When the second beam of thunder radiance shot forth, Seth immediately stretched out his huge palm to ward off it. Much like slapping off an incoming ball.

The shot was so powerful that when it came into contact with Seth's palm, it suddenly produced a rumbling sound which was heard for a few kilometers.

Eyes wide with surprise and pain, Seth stared at his palm which was shattered into pieces with just one attack. It was like vase which was hit by a fast object and broke into pieces.

Astonished by the violent force behind Austin's attack, Seth suddenly stepped back and was pale as a ghost. His mind went blank, and was already at a loss as to how he would face off such a monster.

He wasn't exactly a pushover, in fact, his vital energy level was equal to that of Austin's.

But ever since Austin absorbed so much vital energy from the late Flame Emperor, the power packed into his vital energy within his body was already beyond that of his peers, let alone someone like Seth. And Austin had also developed a brutal way of launching an attack against his foes. No one would certainly stand a chance against someone of his caliber.

So Seth felt as if he had already lost the battle even though they have only fought in such a short amount of time. Compared to Austin, he was just like a rookie based on his vital energy force intensity and his martial art skills. He was like baby facing a giant.

Seth's eyebrows suddenly knitted together in a frown and became immersed in his thoughts. He was so deep in thought, that he completely forgot that he was in the middle of a fight.

Suddenly, a third beam of thunder radiance shot towards Seth as swift as lightning. It was so fast that he wasn't even able to react on time in order to escape from it.

Although Austin was still unable to fire off several beams of thunder radiance all at once because the level of his cultivation base was not high enough, but he could already control the freque

re urgent than his injuries. Because this meant more than life and death. His entire existence was at stake.

While Seth struggled against the demon, Austin seized the opportunity and launched another beam of thunder radiance towards Seth. In a blink of an eye, Seth suffered another serious attack.


Seth was directly hit by the thunder radiance square on his chest.

Seth was having more difficulty in defending himself both physically and mentally. It was already taking a toll in his body. The multiple attacks were just too much.

He was continuously bombarded by several more beams of thunder radiance, but he still chose to suppress the demon rather than defend his body.

His body was already burnt to a crisp, the smell of burning flesh reeked the air. His long hair was a tangled mess and some were singed off.

"Austin, where the hell did you learn all of these skills?!".

Knowing that he would definitely die here, Seth finally admitted defeat and stopped struggling.

Meanwhile, the demon in Seth's Soul Sea took the opportunity and ripped his spiritual souls apart. Much like pieces of paper being torn into shreds.

Austin showed no mercy and shot the last two beams of thunder radiance with all his strengths towards Seth. In utter shame and despair, Seth slowly closed his eyes and bowed his head. It was the end for him.

His lifeless body fell on the ground with a thud.

Austin rushed towards the body in a flash and took off the Space Ring on Seth's hand.

'Seth is not only a top cultivator at Sky Realm but also an important guardian who has high status in Ghost Sect. Because of his high stature in Ghost Sect, he must surely have something valuable hidden in his Space Ring. It is also a good chance to gather information about Ghost Sect.' Austin thought.

"It is truly unbelievable just how much power the thunder radiance possessed."

Austin let out a sigh of relief. He was actually able to defeat a warrior whose cultivation base was at Sky Realm. It was indeed a momentous victory. And more than that, Austin was able to master the thunder radiance skill while gathering up some experience after this fight.

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