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   Chapter 583 Fighting The Guardian Of The Ghost Sect, Seth

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With a glimpse, Austin instantly recognized the thick black iron chain in his Soul Sea. It was Ghost Sect's spiritual sense martial arts skill, and he had been attacked by it before.

The chain, which had been transmuted by the spiritual sense, made sharp clinking sounds as it shook and whipped toward Austin's spiritual figure that hid in his Soul Sea.

'Ha-ha. He dares to use the spiritual sense attack!'

Austin sniggered. Given that his spiritual sense had improved significantly, Seth's efforts would prove futile as Austin couldn't be hurt. Austin even found the situation to be hilarious as the chain was as fragile as glass. As he concentrated, a dozen spiritual sense flying needles shot out and headed for the chain. Upon collision, the black chain shattered.


Seth was taken aback as his spiritual sense received a severe blow.

At the moment, Austin snatched the chance to extend his mighty spiritual sense into the Ghost-devouring Flag.

While scanning it, he found a spiritual sense mark, which had probably been engraved by Seth.

Then, Austin executed his powerful spiritual sense to erase the mark with all the force he could muster, before engraving his spiritual sense mark in the flag.

As soon as he finished, Austin felt a connection between him and the Ghost-devouring Flag, which meant that he now had complete control of it.

Seth cried out in surprise when he felt that he had lost his connection with the Ghost-devouring Flag. His spiritual sense mark had disappeared!

He was surprised and furious.

"Austin, what did you do to my Ghost-devouring Flag?!"

"Ha-ha. I'm interested in this small flag, and so I have decided to take it home for closer examination."

Austin smiled shamelessly.

The battle between Austin and Seth had finished too quickly. It had taken perhaps a few seconds.

Other people in the square stared intently at Austin and Seth, watching their next movement.

"Violet, it's the time to strike back. Kill the Ghost Sect members and subdue their corpse soldie

o is supporting him.

No more nonsense. Let's fight. You won't leave Sun Sect if you can't defeat me," said Austin with a faint smile.

Seth was infuriated at Austin's words.

His eyes flashed with a vicious will.

"Okay. Let me see how you defend against my attacks now!"

Seth bellowed. If Austin hadn't been here, he would have slaughtered all the members of Sun Sect. Seth bore an unmeasured grudge against Austin.

Then, a thread of threatening vital energy suddenly ejected from his body. The strength of it showed that Seth had employed all his power this time.

It formed a huge paw that radiated a vicious and overbearing aura that attacked Austin as fast as a flash. On its way, the aura tore the space as easily as ripping paper, and the indistinct vacuum imprint that was left behind soon disappeared.

Austin concentrated his mind to summon an arm-thick lightning arc and aimed it at the huge paw.


A sonic boom emitted from the center of the collision.

The huge paw was taken aback.

Austin sneered and shot another lightning arc.

It seemed that Austin could release only one lightning arc at a time with his current capacity of thunder control.

Obviously, his degree of thunder control was inferior to the thunder unicorn.

After all, the thunder unicorn could unleash a dozen lightning arcs simultaneously.

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