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   Chapter 582 Fighting for the Ghost-devouring Flag

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6349

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Jaime had hated Austin's guts ever since Austin had killed his grandson, Braxton, in the battle ring.

But he harbored more resentment against Austin ever since his return from the Mysterious Nether World with a Sky Realm cultivation base.

As an elder of Sun Sect, Jaime was still at the premium stage of the Mysterious Realm, which was not powerful enough to enact his revenge on Austin.

At the moment, Austin was in trouble, which vented Jaime's hate.

"Aha, I see.

Now, it is time to put it all back,"

On hearing what Jaime had said, Seth smiled.

"I will give a last chance to all the Sun Sect members. If you surrender and join our Holly Sect, and show us loyalty from now on, we will spare your lives.

This is your last chance,"

Seth said coldly. He was suspended in the air with his hands crossed against his back. With an air of superiority, he gazed at the disciples from Sun Sect.

Austin, Theon, and two elders were trapped in the Ghost-devouring Flag.

Seth didn't care for anyone except Austin and Theon, the most powerful men in Sun Sect. Since they were not here, it would be easy for him to defeat anyone from Sun Sect with his Sky Realm cultivation base.

So, Seth believed that the battle had ended. Now, he had to decide how he would handle the rest of the people from Sun Sect.

Most of the corpse generals and corpse soldiers controlled by Austin had been a threat to Ghost Sect and had put the sect in a passive position. Since Austin was trapped, everything would go smoothly.

The remaining three elders of Sun Sect glanced at each other. They knew that they were in a dangerous situation. Feelings of frustration and despair rose from deep within their hearts.

The Sect Leader was trapped in the huge black mist and hadn't returned. It seemed that he was pretty much doomed.

Now, nobody could beat Seth.

However, at this moment, an ind



Seth hummed. He extracted a powerful vital energy force from his body and continually fed it into the huge evil ghost.

He intended to stop Austin by driving the evil ghost to attack Austin.

However, in the next moment, "Explode!"

Austin said softly.

Seth was shocked to see that the colossal evil ghost was blown apart by the blast and turned into bright spots of vital energy force before it disappeared.

The eight kinds of force from Austin's Brutal Blast Fist had exploded in the evil ghost's body.

Austin took advantage of Seth's shock and grabbed the Ghost-devouring Flag.

Soon, Seth regained his senses. He became angry and impatient as soon as he saw that Austin was holding his Ghost-devouring Flag.

"Austin, how dare you!"

As soon as Seth finished speaking, Austin felt as though the Ghost-devouring Flag had come to life. It began struggling to free itself from Austin's grasp.

Suddenly, Austin could hear the clink of iron chains in his Soul Sea.

A long, thick, black iron chain appeared in Austin's Soul Sea. The iron chain was cold and covered in ghostly dark red that spread negative feelings of sadness, despair, resentment, and cruelty.

It was an attack from Seth's spiritual sense martial skills!

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