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   Chapter 581 Enter The Ghost-devouring Flag Again

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Austin saw that Theon and the other two Elders' faces went pale and their vital energy was drained of almost all power as if they never had it.

"Sect Leader Theon, the flag Seth threw up was called the Ghost-devouring Flag. That flag was designed to forge attacks on spiritual souls with ghosts and evil spirits within. Combating ghosts with vital energy forces was absolutely impossible so spiritual sense had to be adopted to counterattack them."

Austin explained to them.

"We see!"

Theon, Elder Xu and Xiao realized what had happened suddenly.

"Austin, the Sun Sect did owe you something in the past."

Theon apologized sincerely to Austin, without retaining the air of the Sect Leader. He was very grateful to Austin for providing help to cope with the Ghost Sect to save their lives.

"Let bygones be bygones, Sect Leader.

We'd better try to get away from this Ghost-devouring Flag.

Guardian Seth has reached the Sky Realm in his cultivation base. If he takes this opportunity to attack the disciples from the Sun Sect, nobody will be able to withstand him."

Austin smiled slightly.


Theon and the other two Elders were surprised at his observation.

"I am wondering how to get out of this very strange place."

Elder Xu looked around and to his shock he found a dark, black world all around him. He could only see haunting ghosts and evil winds. The environment was mundane and scary. Almost tens of thousands of fierce devils were gathering and howling in melancholic voices that could make the blood run cold.

"Ha ha, do not worry, Elder Xu. It will not be so hard to get away from here."

Austin smiled assuredly as he comforted him. He had been trapped in the Ghost-devouring Flag with Violet when he was in the Ghost Valley, the power of this Ghost-devouring Flag seemed to be stronger than the one arranged by Altar Owner, but Austin's spiritual sense had also improved about ten times than the one he had when he was trapped in the Ghost Valley!

Even though the Ghost-devour

and ghosts.

But guardian Seth had no knowledge about that and firmly believed that his Ghost-devouring Flag would definitely devour Austin and make him into an evil spirit because he had devoted a great amount of time and painstaking effort in it.

This made Seth totally relaxed.

"Guardian Seth, Austin has been trapped in the Ghost-devouring Flag, I think he is not able to come out."

Seeing Austin entering the Ghost-devouring Flag, Jaime couldn't contain his vulgar satisfaction and asked guardian Seth.

"Elder Jaime, I have devoted enormous time and energy and invaluable resources in the refinement of the Ghost-devouring Flag. Even though Austin's cultivation base has reached the Sky Realm at a young age, I will easily still make it sure he will never be able to get back if he dares to enter it.

As a Sky Realm warrior, Austin's spiritual sense force is not powerful enough to help him escape my Ghost-devouring Flag."

Guardian Seth let out an unhappy look at Jaime because he was doubting the power of his Ghost-devouring Flag.

"Ha ha, since it was refined by you in person, I definitely believe its formidable power.

I strongly believe that Austin will not be able to escape even with wings this time.

Guardian Seth, frankly speaking, Austin is my biggest enemy. I will be very grateful to you if you can avenge me."

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