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   Chapter 580 Another Fight In The Ghost-Devouring Flag (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6603

Updated: 2019-08-01 00:32

So, it greatly stunned Seth that Austin was capable of commanding almost one hundred corpse generals. From Seth's perspective, it was something impossible; something that even the head of the Ghost Sect was unable to do.

In Seth's eyes, Austin was just a young man. He didn't know what this young man had experienced and was capable of.

Austin's spiritual sense had grown dramatically. He owned tremendous energy and his power was far stronger than what Seth had imagined. Seth never expected that such a young man would possess a cultivation base which was higher than that of the outstanding cultivators at the Imperial Realm level. He was too young after all!

Since Seth was just a Sky Realm cultivator, there was something beyond his knowledge. But what he felt confused could be comprehended by cultivators at higher levels.

Due to Austin's powerful spiritual sense and his natural gift in the field of soul cultivation, he could easily master such skills like controlling and manipulating objects with the help of spiritual sense. Compared to Austin, ordinary cultivators would need a lot of effort to achieve that goal.

The skill of controlling and manipulating corpse generals was Ghost Sect's unique skill. Disciples in the Ghost Sect had to refine their spiritual sense for a long time and learn and practice the skill repeatedly before they could finally master it.

Austin was lucky, while most of the people were ordinary ones. They were less favored by God. With his talent and tremendous spiritual sense, Austin had no difficulty in learning any kind of martial skills related to spiritual sense.

"Well, you seem to pay no attention to my words. You don't want to release them, right?

Your Ghost-devouring Flag is a terrifying weapon! But do you think your Ghost-devouring Flag will work on me?"

Austin spoke fearlessly. He was fully aware that the longer Theon and the other two elders stayed in the Ghost-devouring Flag, the greater dange

two men without any delay. He couldn't lose them now.

He constantly launched arcs of lightning, as thick as his arm. The lightning was accompanied by thunder, and ceaseless flashes of light illuminated the world of darkness. A heavy smell of burning and charring filled the whole space.

Sensing Austin's attack, the ghosts and demons tried to flee as soon as the lightning flashed in the air. They yelled and shouted in helplessness and ran in every direction. Their imposing aggressive emotions turned into pathetic feelings. They were now filled with fluster, fear and dread. They asked for mercy in despair, their voices were distressing and pitiful.

The ghosts and demons tried to run fast to escape, but they were not as fast as the lightning. Just in a blink of an eye, hundreds and thousands of ghosts and demons were burnt down to ashes.

The battle ended soon. Within the time span of a few breaths, the ghosts and demons around Theon and his companions had been wiped out.

Theon and the other two elders got the opportunity to recover their energies.

They opened their eyes and found Austin standing in front of them.

"Austin, it's you! How did you get in here?

You saved us, didn't you?"

Theon asked in a feeble voice. He knew Austin was the only person who could have done that!

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