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   Chapter 579 Another Fight In The Ghost-Devouring Flag (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6623

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"Violet, you should stay here. Be careful when you're dealing with those men from the Ghost Sect."

Austin advised Violet telepathically.

Austin was extremely worried about the fight between Seth and Theon. He recognized the Ghost-devouring Flag as soon as Seth displayed the seven-colored flag. Shrouded under its typical weird halo, it shimmered to catch his attention.

Austin's memory about the power of the Ghost-devouring Flag was still fresh. He had experienced it on his last visit to the Ghost Valley.

As far as Austin was concerned, the Ghost-devouring Flag mainly regarded the cultivator's spiritual soul as its target of attack. Anybody captured by the Ghost-devouring Flag would be put through a terrible battle, in which the cultivator's spiritual soul would have to face attacks from countless ghosts and evil spirits.

It was almost useless for one to fight against the ghosts and evil spirits in the Ghost-devouring Flag with his or her vital energy force, because the spiritual sense was the only and sole effective energy that could expel and eliminate them all.

Since Theon, Elder Xu and Elder Xiao were warriors only with Mysterious Real cultivation base, they were not strong in spiritual sense.

Austin knew well that the three of them were in a terrible situation now. Their spiritual souls would have been damaged in the Ghost-devouring Flag. They were probably suffering tremendous injuries. Even if they were able to retreat from the attacking range of the Ghost-devouring Flag, they would become disabled. The consequences were catastrophic.

Such a consequence was the last thing Austin hoped for.

Austin knew the importance of Theon. It was a fact that he did not hold a good impression in Austin's eyes. However, Austin knew that if Theon died in the fight, the Sun Sect would have no leader to rely on and would thus sink into a mess.

Actually, Austin didn't hold any deep feelings for highly-ranked elders like Theon in the Sun S

important thing until that moment. It was unbelievable that this young man was able to control almost one hundred corpse generals at the same time!

Seth's anger grew as moments passed. He was getting fearful as he recalled every detail of how Austin had controlled and manipulated the corpse generals and corpse soldiers. It had always been a challenge for him to control nearly one hundred corpse generals at the same time, but Austin had managed to do so easily!

He knew that it would consume tremendous spiritual sense to control and manipulate such a huge number. In that case, how was Austin managing it all!

As far as Seth was aware, among all the cultivators in the Ghost Sect, only those with Earth Realm base were capable of controlling two or three corpse generals at the same time.

Those with Mysterious Realm base were only able to simultaneously control fourteen or fifteen corpse generals at the most.

And those with Sky Realm base were able to control a maximum of thirty or forty corpse generals at one time.

Being one of the top cultivators in the Ghost Sect, Seth had achieved the medium level of the Sky Realm base in his cultivation skills. Only a few could match up to him in his sect. Yet, he was able to control and manipulate not more than forty corpse generals at the same time.

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