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   Chapter 578 A Stunning Reversal

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Now, more and more corpse generals and corpse soldiers stopped attacking the Sun Sect disciples and turned to fight members of Ghost Sect.

Some corpse generals and corpse soldiers even began to kill each other, shocking the disciples from Sun Sect.

"I guess Austin must have done something to them."

Theon was smart. He looked at Austin, who moved swiftly like a ghost while fighting the Ghost Sect members. He had assumed that the sudden change in the battlefield had something to do with Austin.

"You're right. It seems Austin is controlling these corpses. How is he doing it?"

an elder asked with a nod.

"I have no idea. But I know that Sun Sect has dealt with the danger. What's more, we have survived this time,"

Theon continued, shaking his head.


The elders' faces lit up.

... ...

"Seth, maybe Austin is playing tricks in secret,"

Jaime exclaimed. Seth and Jamie were standing with another Ghost Sect cultivator, who had a high cultivation level. They had been focused on the changes in the battlefield, especially Austin's movements. And now, they seemed to have guessed.

"Yes. Austin is controlling those corpse soldiers

with a handful of corpse flags.

He is smart and has understood that these corpse flags are used to control the corpse soldiers.

But, incredibly, he can control several dozen corpse generals!

There is something amiss. We must stop him immediately!"

With that, Seth rushed toward Austin, like a hawk. Jaime and the other cultivator used their bodily movement skill and followed him.

"Sir, it seems that they are going to attack Austin!"

Elder Li, who dressed as a Taoist priestess exclaimed. She had been carefully observing Seth and his companions' actions.

"They are going to attack Austin! Stop them!"

Theon shouted and rushed forward with Elder Xu and Elder Xiao. The moment they

on the peak of Sun Mountain, Austin had probed the surroundings with his spiritual sense power.

He knew that Sun Sect wasn't powerful enough to resist Ghost Sect's attack and that all the Sun Sect disciples were likely to be slaughtered by the corpse soldiers and the corpse generals.

To prevent that from happening, Austin reached the top of the mountain as fast as he could and joined the battle.

On the other hand, Violet had lagged because she had to instruct the large group of corpse soldiers she had subdued before.

That was why she had arrived at the peak of the mountain mid-battle.

Several disciples of Sun Sect that she had met at the Martial Arts Square accompanied Violet.

Violet had taught them how to control the corpse soldiers with corpse flags, and now, each of these disciples was able to control four or five corpse soldiers.

So Violet didn't need to control three hundred corpse soldiers on her own.

Following Austin's instruction, Violet and the disciples of Sun Sect immediately rushed behind the Ghost Sect's group.

Soon, the members of Ghost Sect were sandwiched between the team led by Austin and Violet.

Once the members of Ghost Sect figured out what Austin and Violet had planned, they panicked.

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